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Print your own chemistry set…

A 3D printer and some silicone is all you need to revolutionise chemistry by making the reaction vessel a part of the experiment itself. More details in this week’s Nature Chemistry. Tell the laboratory glassblower to hang up their face guard and shut the door on their way out…

Print your own chemistry set… is a post from: Sciencebase Science Blog


Toxic snails and novel painkillers

Conotoxins from the predatory cone snail work even at very low levels to block nerve signals. Now, researchers in Germany have investigated the structures of one specific conotoxin with a view to developing the compound, or its derivatives, as a new type of painkiller. Despite being snail-derived, I assume they’d offer fast-acting relief nevertheless.

More details in my SpectroscopyNOW column today.

Toxic snails and novel painkillers is a post from: Sciencebase Science Blog


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