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Asian Grilled Tofu

Sometimes I challenge myself to come up with dinners using only food in the house.  Such was the case last night when I didn’t feel like going out after arriving home from a four-day trip.  Having a winter into spring garden helps, as does a semi-stocked pantry.  The resulting Asian flavored tofu and vegetable dish I ended up with rocked, if I do say so myself!

I had tofu and teriyaki sauce in the fridge so I drained and put the tofu in the sauce to marinate.  Sticky sushi style rice went on the stove next.  Then I picked miscellaneous greens, baby bok choy and scallions from our garden.

A few tablespoons of spicy black bean paste went into a bowl with minced ginger and garlic, toasted sesame oil and rice wine vinegar for a quick sauce.  I’d made rice wine vinaigrette the week before so that would be used to dress the salad greens.

Opened up the Weber, the first time since last fall.  Our Performer model is charcoal with a gas ignition system.  Love it- gets hot quick!

Grilled the bok choy, scallions and tofu pieces.  Just because I had a few frozen cherry tomatoes from last summer, I threw them on too and blistered their skin.

When I do this, it all happens spontaneously especially how it ends up on the plate.  In this instance, I spooned a hefty amount of marinade sauce over a base of warm rice.  Bok choy laid on the rice with tofu the next layer.   The side salad ended up on top of the tofu- not as originally planned but as I said, it all happens very spontaneously.  Most of the grilled scallions were eaten along the way and I only had a few tomatoes so they ended up on the side instead.

This quick vegan meal went amazingly well with the bottle of Chilean Tabali Reserva Especiale 2007 I’d picked up on my trip at the Southern Wine Group store in Bend, Oregon.  I’ll be seeking it out here in the Sacramento area to enjoy with more grilled foods.


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