Dual-Head Two-Color MakerBots Are Coming!

On the heels of the Arduino announcement, MakerBot Industries announced their new plastic extruder, the Stepstruder MK 7, the “highest number extruder ever.” It’s significant because it’s the first extruder designed from the ground up for 1.75 mm filament, and it’s much smaller than previous extruder designs.

The small size of the MK 7 means that you can even fit two heads in your ‘Bot. In that vein, MakerBot was also showing off an experimental version of their printers sporting dual Mark 7s and software for rendering 3D objects in two colors. The software is in “experimental public beta,” but with the software, two Mark 7s, and a few tweaks, and you can be a beta tester.

Announcement on the Stepstruder MK 7 here and more about the public beta of the dual-head version soon.


MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

This week in the MAKE Flickr pool we saw:

Quadshot V5 at sunset from piesden.

Maker Faire passport stamper

Maker Faire passport stamper from hudson.

Firebreathing dragon

Firebreathing dragon from hudson.

Feet First

Feet First from Tsabo Tsaboc.

Makerbot's new gallery

Makerbot’s new gallery from hudson.

Ladder made from rebar from zombieite.

PC up and running

PC up and running from jmillerid.


Rock the Bike: Paul Freedman (video)

Paul Freedman throws conscious hip hop concerts by turning alternative transportation into alternative energy. Rock the Bike brings funky beats and sound gear to any venue, then sets up stationary bikes that are converted into electricity generators. Audience members take turns pedaling to generate all the amplification needed for the entire show at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011.

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Check out more videos from Maker Faire Bay Area 2011.


TechShop at World Maker Faire New York

Andy Taylor, a member of TechShop, demonstrates the Teeter-Totter of Doom at World Maker Faire 2011. This over-sized people powered totter incorporates a micro-controller to capture the heightened expressions of the riders.


Skraptacular! at World Maker Faire New York

SKRAPTACULAR! is a grassroots recycling organization which works with New York City schoolchildren to creatively reduce and reuse waste materials, has a larger-than-life presence at the second annual World Maker Faire at the N.Y. Hall of Science in Flushing Meadow Queens.


Tear It Up Off-Road with this Motorized Tread Skateboard

An off-road machine from Boston, the tread skateboard was tearing it up around World Maker Faire New York yesterday. Part snowblower, part battery, this deck can hit 20mph. It was designed, built, and ridden by Charles Guan, a member of The Miters from MIT.


littleBits launches at Maker Faire

littleBits is a system of electronic parts for play and prototyping. Designed for children, artists, or anyone shy about soldering, littleBits make electronics easy, fun, fast and accessible. Ayah Bdeir talks about her simple and intriguing system of magnetically connected, expandable electronics, which launched this weekend at World Maker Faire NY.


Make: Live 9/16/11 — Maker Faire NY & The Makeys Awards (video)

In episode 16 we met makers live from World Maker Faire NY 2011 and announced the winners of the MAKE Magazine Industry Maker Awards.

Twelve companies were nominated in four categories on which MAKE readers voted. And the winners are:

Most Hackable Gadget – Microsoft Kinect accepted by Stewart Tansley
Most Repair Friendly – PanaVise accepted by Tom Simpkins
Best Education/Outreach Program – Parallax accepted by Jessica Uelmen
Best Product Documentation – The LEGO Group

PanaVise was nominated for their Speed Control Handle, based on a design by maker Triggerdog7. To celebrate, PanaVise is giving Make: Live viewers their very own speed control handles! Sign up for the giveaway; we’ll accommodate as many as we can! (We promise to use your information for this giveaway only.)

Guests this show:

Sashimi Tabernacle Choir – Richard Carter

This award winning art car from Houston has 250 electromechanical singing fish and lobsters, 300 pounds of batteries, a Linux netbook to coordinate all the singers, and more than 5 miles of wire in the control system.

Polaroid Matrix Flipbook – Sam Blanchard

A matrix of instant cameras simultaneously capture 20 separate images of a singular entity. The prints are stacked and riveted together to create a flipbook, a portable, analog 3D animation, rendering a moment in time.

Brooklyn Aerodrome – Breck Baldwin

Fly scratch built remote control planes and learn to build your own planes from scratch using foam board, clothes hangers and recycled signs. New planes include flying fruits and vegetables and a 3D banana that looks like a solid banana in the air.

Dogzilla – Lower East Side Girls Club & Dave Pentecost

Dogzilla was built by the Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York, as a companion to Girlzilla, the club’s 2010 World Maker Faire entry. Dogzilla moves on its motorized base, can bark, and is charged by a solar dog house.

Mitch Altman received a special Maker Hero award celebrating his tireless contributions to the DIY community. At last count, he had taught 32,000 people how to solder.

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Maker Faire New York Day One

Photo by Nikki Pugh

It’s a wrap on day one of Maker Faire New York! Here are some images from the day, pulled from Flickr and the Maker Faire Daily blog.

Photo by Cassie Xie

Photo by Flickr user Eweinhoffer

Photo by Gareth Branwyn

Photo by Becky Stern

Photo by Nikki Pugh

Photo by Flickr user bondidwhat

More info:
- For program guide, schedule of events, and maker info, visit the Maker Info page.
- iPhone app
- Android app
- The core Maker Faire team will be blogging throughout the weekend and beyond on Maker Faire Daily, a blog devoted to Maker Faire. That’s where you want to go to get immersed in MFNY as it unfolds.
- That, and the Maker Faire Twitter feed, of course. If you have something to say about MFNY on Twitter, use #makerfaire in your Tweets.


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