MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

I’m beginning to suspect an October conspiracy: While last week’s MAKE Flickr pool submissions, on average, had a distinctly orange hue, this week they are clearly tending to black. And I’ll give dollars to donuts that next week, sure as clockwork, we’ll start to see actual jack-o-lanterns. Our featured image this week is cosplayer Jia*Jem as “Jack,” from Mass Effect 2, sporting Shawn Thorsson’s “Predator Heavy Pistol” replica prop.

Mass Effect Alternate Jack 6 from thorssoli.

Polargraph - Latest settings

Polargraph – Latest settings from jabella.

Eyes Blinking

Eyes Blinking from b_light.

Dual Button Goodness

Dual Button Goodness from Pete Prodoehl.

Milwaukee Makerspace Stamp

Milwaukee Makerspace Stamp from Pete Prodoehl.

Chemistry Class at Its Finest...

Chemistry Class at Its Finest… from Adam ZZ.


HSS3i from Dr. Bleep.


Front Porch: Zac Carroll (video)

Zac Carroll and his team created a moveable Front Porch that is towed by a vintage tractor. He brought this creation, complete with all sorts of nostalgic reminders of domesticity, to Maker Faire Bay Area and demonstrates its early 20th century period styling.

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Hand-cranked Toy Piano Hack Keeps the Tunes Coming Forevermore

Hand-cranked Toy Piano
When a battery operated device runs out of juice, most of us reach for a fresh pair of AA’s. But when his daughter’s electronic toy piano had drained its batteries, Dominik instead installed a hand-cranked dynamo to power the instrument ad infinitum. He hacked apart an Ikea flashlight to co-opt its cranked generator and installed it inside his daughter’s plaything. Now a little bit of elbow grease keeps the tunes coming while saving the environment and a little bit of money to boot. Not only that, but he also used the remaining parts from the flashlight to upgrade a vintage bicycle light. It doesn’t get much more resourceful than that, folks! [via Ikea Hacker]


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