Laser Ball Is Life of the Party, Makes Regular Tennis Balls Feel Inferior

LeoneLabs on Instructables posted this fantastic how-to on adding 14 lasers to a regular tennis ball to make a Laser Ball. Why? He says that it’s fun to build, it can be done in an afternoon, and “lasers are cool.” The lasers are driven by a Teensy USB Development Board, which is stuffed inside the ball and controlled from outside with an infrared remote control. The Instructable shows you how to make your own in painstaking detail, but you can also follow the build step-by-step in this fun video. [Thanks, Luis!]


MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Owwwww, my head.

I am still recovering from what will almost certainly be the best Elevensday celebration of my life. Unless I make it to 11/11/2111, that is. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, to commemorate the event, and because Gronk think rainbows pretty, our featured image this week is johngineer’s 11.11.11. But it was a hard choice, because the MAKE Flickr pool has seen a bunch of really striking photos lately, both in style and content. Check, e.g., the macro shot of ferrofluid on glass wet with degreaser from Matt Abinante, and the photomosaic of an Arduino made of faces from the LinkedIn Arduino Playground group.

11.11.11 from johngineer.

Steampunk Jetpack

Steampunk Jetpack from JackAZ Photography.

ferrofluid maze

ferrofluid maze from Matt Abinante.

The Faces of Arduino

The Faces of Arduino from MosaicYourself.

Number two

Number two from hugojcardoso.

Jar Synthesizer

Jar Synthesizer from MichaelRucci.

100w version

100w version from girl_onthe_les.


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