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  3. You’ve been hacked!
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Li’l Lindsey Graham talks tough

At 1:00, Lindsey starts talkin’ tough to those wascally tewwowists:

“When they say, ‘I want a lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up! You’re not getting a lawyer!’”

When girly-men try to sound tough, it’s funny. But when they have the power to pass laws, it’s tragic.


First Things vs. Front Porch Republic (Joe Carter vs. Jerry Salyer)

Rod Dreher brings our attention to a battle that is taking place between First Things and Front Porch Republic. The main antagonists are Joe Carter and our own Jerry Salyer, who occasionally posts here.

Carter fired the first shot with a criticism of Distributism.

Salyer replied.

Carter replied with a general critique of FPR and FPRism.

Be sure to read the comments below the most recent Carter article.


You’ve been hacked!

I don’t usually do favors for readers who post nasty comments, but the reader who made this comment to my post entitled Is Ron Paul a leftist? obviously needs my help. Below is the video I refer to in my response, followed by my helpful suggestions to the reader.

Kyle Kopelovich,

My friend, you need to change your YouTube password, because OBVIOUSLY some hacker has taken over your YouTube page and posted a video making the most unintentionally comical statements I have ever seen on the Internet, and I’ve seen a lot.

The video features clips of Paul with doomsday music added. The following lunatic accusations then flash up:

- Liberal

- Non-Kosher Anti-Semitic Cookbook [what?]

- Raises money from drug dealers

- Wife-swapper [Paul has been married 50 years to his high school sweetheart]

- [His supporters include] “the Cu Clux Klan.”

- Creationist Atheist and homophobe queer [the first is the best oxymoron ever!]

- Ron Paul is Iranian [Paul was born in Pennsylvania of Irish and German parents]

- Pro-Maoist

- Abortionist [despite the fact that Paul calls himself "an unshakable foe of abortion."]

- Too old and white and weak and unathletic to be president

- Rides a bike without a helmet setting a bad example for children

- Doesn’t look both ways before crossing the street

- Drunk driver

- Votes against every tax increase that fund our troops because Ron Paul hates troops and Israel

Of course, most people will take one look at that video and, like me, will only laugh their butts off, because such loony accusations are either Onion-style satire or composed by someone who’s been sniffing glue.

But there are morons out there who will take these statements as actual assertions, and would believe them to be libelous, such as the accusation that Ron Paul is a drunk driver. So my advice to you is to delete your YouTube account, get a better password, and start over.

Quickly, before anyone else sees them.


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