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  1. New Gratitude Interactive
  2. Imgur Seems Great!
  3. “ookaboo” Is A New Site For Free Images
  4. “The corporate takeover of American schools”
  5. “Blogging for Reform: First, let’s fire all the teachers…”
  6. “Maritime Piracy”
  7. The Best Posts & Articles Analyzing Charter Schools
  8. “10 Unique iPhone Photography Accessories”
  9. There Are Now 550 “The Best…” Lists
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New Gratitude Interactive

I’ve previously written about how I use the concept of gratitude in the classroom, along with sharing research on the topic (see On Gratitude and Gratitude Letters and Student Achievement).

The Wall Street Journal today published an article about the importance of gratitude. Unfortunately, it didn’t share any new research that I haven’t already shared in my previous two posts.

However, it does have a very nice and simple gratitude interactive that students can take, and a graphic sharing Some Techniques To Help Kids Be Grateful.

Imgur Seems Great!

Imgur is a super-simple photo-sharing site that you can use to upload photos or insert image url addresses. It can come in particularly handy in the classroom because of it’s ease in creating albums where you can title individual photos and write captions — all without registering. Students can categorize photos and describe them.

I learned about it through a Read Write Web post, which compares Imgur negatively to another new site, but I find Imgur far superior.

I don’t have a “The Best…” list yet where Imgur would fit in exactly but, because I would use it primarily for students to categorize and describe photos, I’m going to add it (for now) to The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students. Other apps on that list have a similar categorization feature for images.

“ookaboo” Is A New Site For Free Images

ookaboo is a new site for free images.

Paul Houle, its founder, writes:

Although I started it just last July, Ookaboo already has 510,000 images of 283,000 topics… and it gets better all the time because it adds 8,000 new images each day. Unlike many “free photo” sites, all images in Ookaboo are public domain or creative commons and can be used freely for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. I think it’s perfect for students and teachers to use for schoolwork, handouts, web sites and other creative projects.

I’m adding it to The Best Online Sources For Images.

“The corporate takeover of American schools”

The corporate takeover of American schools is an article appearing in the British Guardian newspaper, and it’s one of the best pieces on school policy that I’ve read all year.

Its subtitle is “The trend for appointing CEOs to the top jobs is symptomatic of a declining commitment to public education and social justice.”

I’m adding it to The Best Blog Posts & Articles About Joel Klein’s Departure & The Question Of Who Should Be Leading Our Schools.

Thanks to Mike Klonsky for the tip.

“Blogging for Reform: First, let’s fire all the teachers…”

Blogging for Reform: First, let’s fire all the teachers… is an excellent post by Alice Mercer. She connects her recent observation of one of my classes to overall school reform issues and trust.

It’s a must-read.

“Maritime Piracy”

“Maritime Piracy” is an interactive from The Associated Press.

I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Learning About Modern & Historical Pirates.

The Best Posts & Articles Analyzing Charter Schools

I’ve previously written several times about my concerns about charter schools and how they are often described by some school reformers as the answer to all that ails public education.

I thought it would be useful to readers, and to me, to bring together some article that I’ve found useful in learning about charters.

Here are my choices for The Best Posts & Articles Analyzing Charter Schools:

Schools Of Last Resort by Walter Gardner at Education Week.

The Myth of Charter Schools by Diane Ravitch at The New York Review of Books.

Charters vs. public schools: Behind the numbers by Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post.

What charter schools really tell us about education reform by Raina Kelley at Newsweek.

Charters: To Skim or Not to Skim? by former Executive Director Claus von Zastrow at Learning First.

What’s not to like about charter schools?

Question raised about new KIPP study (with update) by Valerie Strauss

Feedback is always welcome, including additional suggestions.

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“10 Unique iPhone Photography Accessories”

Mashable has posted a useful list titled “10 Unique iPhone Photography Accessories.”

I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Beginning iPhone Users Like Me.

There Are Now 550 “The Best…” Lists

There are now exactly 550 “The Best…” lists that are regularly updated and revised (which keeps me busy).

You can seem them listed by subject here and chronologically here.

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