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  4. “The Praise Paradox”
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Report: ASCD Conference In San Francisco — Share Yours!

I really enjoyed my time at the ASCD Conference in San Francisco today, though had to leave early to get back to play in my regular Sunday night basketball game :) The next time I attend one I plan to make arrangements to attend the whole thing — it would certainly be worth it!

The best places to get thoughtful reports on the conference are at Alice Mercer’s blog and at the posts written by David B. Cohen at the InterAct blog. David also has some nice photos there.

I’d love it if others left comments here with their reactions to the workshops and speakers. Or just leave links to what you have written on your own blogs.

I, on the other hand, hung out at the Exhibit Hall and chatted with the great people at the Eye On Education (they’re publishing my next book in April) booth and elsewhere. It was fun meeting Bill Bigelow and Jody Sokolower from Rethinking Schools, one of my longtime favorite publications. I was also able to meet Jason Buell, Dave Orphal, Bill Ferriter, Angela Maiers and Eric Sheninger (who lives near where I grew-up in Staten Island). And it was nice to see Marjorie McAneny from Jossey-Bass.

Here are a few photos:

Alice Mercer, David B. Cohen and me

This is @alicemercer getting ready for a webcast at ascd

Alice Mercer getting ready to do a webcast from the Eye on Education exhibit

Larry ferlazzo and Angela maiers at ascd

Angela Maiers and me

Janice silva from Monterrey in Mexico

I’m standing with Janice Silva, who teaches at a school in Monterrey, Mexico. Look  for an interview with her on this blog this spring.


Earth Hour

Earth Hour was today. Here are the newest additions to The Best Sites To Learn About “Earth Hour”:

Earth Hour – in pictures is from The Guardian.

Earth Hour Around The World is an MSNBC slideshow.

CNN has neat before and after photos.


Libya Update

Here are the newest additions to The Best Resources For Learning About What’s Happening In Libya:

The New York Times has a massive slideshow that appears to be regularly updated.

The Telegraph has a regularly updated page on Libya.

You can see links to many updates on the right side of this Guardian webpage.


“The Praise Paradox”

“The Praise Paradox” is an excerpt from the book Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children, written by by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. It appeared in the March issue of “NEA Today.”

I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning How To Best Give Feedback To Students.


Fascinating Interview On Happiness

The Atlantic has a fascinating interview with Dr. Daniel Gilbert, an author and researcher who has just completed a study on how to be happy. Ezra Klein in The Washington Post has a good summary of the interview. Here are a couple of the main pieces of advice:

….consider forgoing whatever it is you want to do most:

Imagine making love to the person of your dreams. That will be a good day. But the day after will not. The good thing about peak experiences is that they make us happy while we are having them, but the bad thing is that they then serve as a standard of comparison for all the experiences that follow. When researchers looked at lottery winners, they weren’t happier than a control group, but they did take less pleasure in everyday events. The big happiness rush you get when you receive the big check is gone pretty soon, and then when good things happen you find yourself saying, “That was nice but it wasn’t like the day I won the lottery.”

….buy lots of fun small things, not a few big ones:

If you asked people if they’d prefer an ice cream cone every Monday for the next few weeks or a great meal at a French restaurant, most would probably take the great meal gift certificate. But it turns out that the frequency of positive events is a better predictor of happiness than intensity of those positive events. Let’s say that you had five good experiences and each had an intensity of 10 out of 10. And I had 10 good experiences each with an intensity of 5. Simple math suggests we should be equally happy. But the odds are that I will be happier than you because happiness is affected less by how good your good experience was and more by how many good experiences you had.

I think I’m going to try and create a “life skills” lesson plan for my students using some of this information and other resources on The Best Sites To Learn About…Happiness? list.

And I’ve love to hear if readers have any ideas on what I should do…


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