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  2. “Ontic” Versus “Ontological” Measurements
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What’s The Best English Verb Tense Chart You’ve Seen?

I’d like to create a “The Best… list of verb tense charts for English Language Learners, plus determine which is the best one for using with my Beginning ELL class.

I’ve been using one, which I’ll share in my eventual list, but I’m assuming there are other good ones out there too. I know there are a whole lot of ones that seem far too unnecessarily complicated….

Share your suggestions in the comments section, and I’ll be sure to credit you in my post.



“Ontic” Versus “Ontological” Measurements

Measurement and Its Discontents is by Robert P. Crease and was just published in The New York Times.  It views the idea of “measurement” in historical and philosophical terms. He describes two different kinds of measurement. On is “ontic,” which identifies “how big or small a thing is using a scale, beginning point and unit. Something is x feet long, weighs y pounds or takes z seconds.”

The other is “ontological.” He defines it as involving “less an act than an experience: we sense that things don’t ‘measure up’ to what they could be.” Crease shares a number of examples, and also cautions against the danger of making “ontic” measurements into “ontological” ones, citing measuring teaching ability primarily through student test scores. He asks:

Are the tests administered by schools making students smarter and more educated, or just making us think we know how to evaluate education?

A wise question, indeed…

And one that can also certainly relates to my recent column in The Washington Post about grading character traits


Lots Of Resources On Wealth & Inequality

Here are the newest additions to The Best Resources About Wealth & Income Inequality:

IMF: Income inequality is bad for economic growth is from The Washington Post.

The Limping Middle Class is by Robert Reich and appeared in The New York Times.

Protesters Against Wall Street is from The New York Times.

Corporations Tailoring Product Lines To Reflect Growing Income Inequality is from The Huffington Post.


More Recent Articles

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