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Student Writing & Metacognition

I’ve previously posted about having English Language Learner students write and describe the process they’ve used to write an essay (see A Pretty Darn Good Lesson — If I Say So Myself :) ). They then record themselves using the Fotobabble web tool.

I’ve got to collect all my posts related to metacognition into a “The Best…” list…

Last week, I had my Beginning ELL students do something similar, but a little different.

We’ve been working writing research essays, and using graphic organizers that they construct. Their first one was on an animal of their choosing (we’re going on a field trip to the zoo soon). They’ll be doing another one on a country of their choice and, to further solidify the writing process in their minds, they described the process they used. They’re holding their essays and their graphic organizers in the photos.

It’s a simple exercise that covers all four domains — reading, writing, speaking, and listening (we post them on our class blog and show them to the class).

Here are a couple of examples:

The Best Resources On The Idea Of Extending The School Day

Thee has been more and more discussion lately about the idea of extending the school day. Much research has actually found it of questionable value unless it is accompanied by a major rethinking of how the the time is spent. Our school has an after-school program that enrolls a huge percentage of our students, but it’s mainly concentrated in offering what many would consider high-interest enrichment activities, such as drama, ethnic studies, dance, weight-training, etc.

I’m hoping that readers can contribute additional resources on this topic.

You might also be interested in The Best Resources On The “Summer Slide,” which relates to the different topic of potentially extending the school year.

Here are my choices for The Best Resources On The Idea Of Extending The School Day:

Expanded Learning Time Not Always a Cure-All, Report Says
is from Education Week.

More Questions About ELT is by John Thompson at This Week In Education.

Ultra Long School Day For All — It Doesn’t Fit is from The Chicago Tribune.

If you found this post useful, you might want to consider subscribing to this blog for free.

Extended School Days and School Years is from the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning.

Arguments For and Against Longer School Years is from Poynter and, despite its title, also touches on a longer school day.

You might also want to explore the 900 other “The Best…” lists I’ve compiled.

Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL

I’ve recently started a regular feature where I share a few posts from around the Web related to ESL or EFL that have caught my attention:

“What are errors and how should we deal with them in our classes?” is a collection of responses from ESL/EFL teachers around the world. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On ESL/EFL/ELL Error Correction.

Videotaping Helps ESL Students Recognize Their Good Mistakes – and Learn from Them! is from Eric Roth. I’m adding it to The Best Posts, Articles & Videos About Learning From Mistakes & Failures.

Why and How to Encourage Students’ Critical Thinking Skills – an #Eltchat Summary is from a March, 2012 conversation. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On Teaching & Learning Critical Thinking In The Classroom.

L is for Linguistic landscape is an intriguing post by Scott Thornbury.

One Stop English has created a smartphone app. There are tons of apps out there for helping people learn English, but I don’t know of any besides this one that is focused on English teachers. Are there others out there that, because of my limited universe, I’m missing?

More Recent Articles

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