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New ELMER Reviews (UPDATED!)


“In the fall of last year, SLG released Gerry Alanguilan’s graphic novel Elmer, which had previously appeared in four comics volumes in the Philippines. Elmer received starred reviews in both Publishers Weekly and Booklist….The gorgeous b&w art, full of lush pen work and strong expressions, takes what should be a self-evidently ludicrous proposition and somehow imbues it with plausibility.”

Includes reviews from Jeff Vandermeer, Paul Charles Smith, and Larry Nolen.

From Newsarama:

‘It’s oddly tender and saddening, but also uplifting and charming. Far from being simply a broad recasting of human bigotry into a chicken parable (though it is that, as well), Elmer reaches into the complexities of family dynamics, father and son connections, and finding one’s place in the great chaos of human civilization. And it looks great while doing so.”

From Comic Book Resources:

“Elmer is a brilliant comic book – an original way to examine prejudice, in turns wryly amusing and terrifyingly tragic. It asks us to think about our reactions in not only an outrageous predicament, but also in everyday situations that might present us with some of the same dilemmas. Alanguilan has found a fantastic way to deal with a heavy subject without preaching or being one-sided. Elmer is definitely one of the best graphic novels of the year.”


“Behind a sober and elegant cover, the author offers black and white drawings both accurate and realistic which accompanies a story that’s thought provoking and brilliantly rich in emotion.”

Various Reviews in French:

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