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Danielle Hunt: Busiest Bottom in the Spank Business?

danielle hunt spanked otk

Danielle gets her bodacious backside blazed on Spanked in Uniform.

Where is Danielle “Dani” Hunt? Everywhere it seems! It’s spanktastic and amazing to see how the lovely and talented honey-toned British spanking model Danielle Hunt has blossomed into a full-fledged spanking star, while shooting with heaps of top-notch producers in the tushy-toasting biz.

So the CRR editorial team gathered up some eye candy of her cherry reddening work with a wide variety of companies, for your viewing enjoyment, as her spanking world tour continues. . .

Triple A Spanking:

danielle hunt spanked with a bathbrush

Danielle Hunt is about to say hello to the scary bathbrush on Triple A Spanking.

* * *

Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking:

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking Dani Hunt

Dani Hunt faces Chelsea’s formidable bun blazing hand and array of fearsome implements on Chelsea’s Good Spanking site.

* * *

Red Stripe Films:

danielle hunt getting a spanking

About to get a tanning she won’t forget, Dani shows off her truly stunning assets in this exquisite photo from Red Stripe Films.

* * *

Spanked in Uniform:

Danielle Hunt gets punished and spanked

A Navy captain has no time for recalcitrant behavior and attitude and decides to correct Dani’s wayward ways in the most embarrassing and stingy way possible, as seen on Spanked in Uniform.  For more spanking pix, check out this November 2011 cherry red report tribute to Dani’s work on the Spanked in Uniform site.

* * *

English Spankers:

Dani Hunt gets a good paddling

A delicious view of Dani’s delightful charms, as she gets a sizzling paddling on English Spankers.

* * *

Shadow Lane:

Dani Hunt stars in new Shadow Lane spanking video

Sassy schoolgirl Dani gets her tail blistered by the no-nonsense Butch Simms in this new Shadow Lane film called “Last Spankings of the School Year.”

* * *

Spanking Sarah:

Dani Hunt punished over the knee with a good spanking

Uncle is not too happy and Dani’s tummy churns as her PJ’s get peeled down for a good, hot spanking on SpankingSarah.  There’s another stand-out scene on this site where she gets both mouth-soaped and hairbrush spanked at the same time. Yikes!

* * *

Firm Hand Spanking:

Danielle Hunt spanked in detention

Detention time for Danielle Hunt who gets a scorching strapping on Firm Hand Spanking.

* * *

Real Spankings:

danielle hunt spanked and punished

Danielle joins the roster over at Real Spankings and faces a blistering bun blazing from Betty.

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