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ADC WorldMap

ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas provides seamless data for the whole Earth. Just released, ADC WorldMap v6.1 offers current country and first level administrative boundaries for the world, and second level boundaries for 31% of countries world-wide! Also includes points of interest, updated built-up areas, and actual populations for 37% of cities. Sample downloads!

Esri has their Head in the “Cloud” � And their Products Too #esrifedcon

While at the Esri Federal GIS Conference in Washington, D.C. this week I attended two session on Esri's strategy for cloud computing. The first was a private session hosted by Amazon Web Services...

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ArcGIS for National Government: What is it? Is it New? #esrifedcon

Today, Esri launched ArcGIS for National Government at their Federal GIS conference. What is it and is it anything new for ArcGIS users? ArcGIS for National Government, as best I can discern from...

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