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Esri Offers Severe Weather Map with Weather Warnings and Social Media

The Esri Severe Weather Public Information Map is being offered to media outlets to use as part of their winter storm and nor’easter coverage. Users can explore live storm reports,...

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EveryBlock Shuts Down

The blog points to the changing state of the news business as the reason for the shutdown on Feb 7, 2013. It’s no secret that the news industry is in the midst of a massive change. Within the...

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Waze Shares Numbers on 2012 Crowdsourced Mapping Efforts

To celebrate compiling all the numbers from 2012 waze released an infographic. I guess that's now a required communications tool. Sone numbers: 36 million drivers/users 90 million user...

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Potpourri of Tools in Andover, MA and other Government GIS News

Andover, MA has launched its new Municipal Information Mapping Access Program (MIMAP) online GIS. It's hosted by the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission. Users begin the search using a Google...

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Cell Towers: The New Rainfall Gauge

Cell towers send signals one to the next via microwaves. In dry conditions those signals drop off as distances get longer. But, when it rains, they drop off faster (and differently). That observation...

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