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FCC Approves Net Neutrality, Lawsuits Will Ensue

Yesterday, a sharply divided FCC voted to 3 to 2 to approve new Net Neutrality rules. The vote went down as expected with Democrats voting in favor of rules intended to prevent broadband service providers from blocking content, and Republicans opposed, claiming that such rules are an unjustifiable (and potentially illegal) power grab by the FCC. The rules were not the hard-and-fast protection of content and Internet access that Net Neutrality advocates wanted to see, but a compromise. They include vaguely-worded

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Sure You're Not Addicted: Smartphone Usage By The Numbers

The cell phone has almost become an extension of the human body as of late. Whether it's texting, tweeting, Facebooking, web-surfing, picture-taking, it has become more and more evident that Americans use their phone to do just about anything and everything. Ubiquitous would be a word that comes to mind but that doesn't quite capture the situation completely.  Remember a day not long ago when bringing a cellphone into a restaurant was considered rude?  Now, if you took a poll at literally any public

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Lenovo ThinkPad T410s with NVIDIA Optimus Review

Lenovo recently celebrated the milestone of selling 60 million ThinkPad notebooks. That's a ThinkPad for every person in the United Kingdom, to put it in perspective. Moreover, the PC maker claims these things sell like electronic hotcakes, to the tune of 14 per minute. Lenovo doesn't reach these types of numbers by selling outdated hardware spruced up with brushed aluminum, and clever marketing. The company targets tech-savvy business consumers and home users who want light, durable notebooks that offer cutting

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Amazon's Kindle Blows Past Sales Expectations

It's time to officially retire the notion that Apple's magical iPad is capable of casting a death spell on Amazon's Kindle. We're not saying the iPad isn't popular -- because it is -- but any fears that it would spell doom for the eBook reader market, and Amazon's Kindle in particular, can now be put to rest, and here's why. According to reports, Amazon is on pace to sell more than 8 million Kindle eBook readers by the end of 2010. That's more than double the number most analysts were predicting, and nearly

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Aluratek Reveals "Bump" Line Of Wireless Speakers

Speaker wires are never fun to deal with. It's never a joy to deal with a surround sound installation that involves running wire over your entire den, so anytime a new wireless speaker setup emerges, it obviously attracts our attention. Aluratek has just introduced the new "Bump" wireless speaker line, which includes four new products: the AMS01F portable boombox, the AUWS01F USB transmitter with remote wireless speaker, the AWS01F boombox kit with separate remote wireless speaker, and the APS01F 3.5mm lithium

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More PlayStation Phone Rumors Emerge

It was once said that loose lips might sink ships, but in today's day and age, loose lips, leaked slides, and a bevy of rumors have drummed up nothing but excitement for the upcoming PlayStation smartphone that's almost destined to be a hit. So what's the latest being heard around the water cooler? For starters, it looks like the phone could be called "Xperia Play." The name was discovered in a European Union trademark filing, filed by a PR agency that represents Sony Ericsson as one of its clients. Another

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FTC Approves Intel's Acquisition of McAfee

Intel, the largest chip maker on this or any other known planet, cleared at least one major hurdle in its attempt to acquire security firm McAfee. That hurdle? The Federal Trade Commission, which has given the proposed $7.68 billion deal its stamp of approval. "The Federal Trade Commission has concluded its review of the proposed McAfee transaction and has cleared it. We are continuing to work with the staff at the European Commission as they continue their review," Kevin Sellers, Intel VP of Investor Relations,

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Microsoft: 1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices Sold By Manufacturers

Well, at least Microsoft has spoken. They haven't said an awful lot that we didn't already expect, but it's something. Despite the fact that Windows Phone 7 went on sale to consumers weeks ago, Microsoft has yet to come forward with any near-term sales figures. Contrary to that, they were quick to point out 2.5 million Kinect sales in just 25 days, so there's definitely a double standard of sorts going on. Analysts were wondering what the holdup was, and just before Christmas, Microsoft has come forward to silence

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N-Trig DuoSense Multi-Touch Solution Gains Android Support

N-trig has found a home on Android. Those who don't pay very close attention to underlying technologies may not even be familiar with the N-trig name, but they're responsible for a multi-touch technology by the name of DuoSense. Currently, it's only available on slates like the Dell Latitude XT and the HP Slate, enabling users to use both pen and finger input on a single display. It's great for making a tablet more flexible, but there's been no support for the raft of Android tablets thus far. Today, that changes.

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Samsung Reveals New MLC-based Solid State Drives for Enterprise

You could say the standard hard drive's days are numbered, and it may be true. Samsung has been blazing an SSD-based path for the past few years, and particularly of late they've really shown efforts to innovate the solid state family. Today, the company announced that they have developed and started sampling 100, 200 and 400 gigabyte (GB) multi-level-cell (MLC) solid state drives (SSDs) for use as the primary storage in enterprise storage systems. Enterprise applications for SSDs is definitely on the rise,

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NavFree Launches US Turn-by-Turn Map App with 1.6GB of Offline Data

NavFree has launched an iOS navigation app, which isn't in and of itself unusual. However, the app is free, and includes 1.6GB of offline data, which is unusual, particularly for gratis. NavFree USA (Europe is coming; U.K. and Ireland are already in the App Store) will also provide crowdsourced monthly map updates, also completely free of charge. An Android version is coming as well. Social networking features allow users to share their position via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook, but that sounds a lot like

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Motorola's Tablet Evolution Video is Buzz-Worthy

Motorola showed off the evolution of tablets in a YouTube video just released. The company went all the way for Egyptian stone tablets and forward to its upcoming tablet, which will be unveiled at CES in January. The history lesson takes us through several museum displays. The first one shows a huge slab inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphics, dated 3200 B.C. "Good graphics, but weight makes for poor portability," says the video. Next are stone tablets, i.e., the 10 Commandments, 1440 - 1500 B.C. "Excellent durability,

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