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Verizon Launches Its First iPhone 4 Commercial (on YouTube)

Hey, you there, out from under that rock. Have you heard? Verizon's going to carry Apple's iPhone 4 starting February 10, 2011. Oh, you have heard? Alright then, here's something you probably haven't seen just yet. It's Verizon's first commercial promoting the new partnership with Steve Jobs and Co., a 30-second spot the wireless carrier tossed...

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How Apple Plans to "Screw" Your New iPhone 4

You can debate the so-called "Apple Tax" all you want and whether or not it actually exists (and, in fact, we did just that -- see here), one thing we should all be able to agree on is that few other companies go the same lengths as Apple in keeping its users from poking around inside its devices. Non-replaceable batteries are the norm, and...

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NPD Group Finds More Rental Kiosks Being Used Compared To In-Store

Have you been out to a DVD rental kiosk lately? What about a movie rental store? Opened your mailbox only to find a Netflix envelope? We're guessing that you may have utilized Netflix or Redbox lately, but when's the last time you actually drove out to a movie rental store to find a flick? It's happening less and less overall, and now there...

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AMD Posts Strong Q4, Punts On Non-Financial Issues

AMD has released its fourth quarter 2010 financial results and they're nice numbers to end a year on. The company's revenue of $1.65B was up two percent quarter-on-quarter and flat compared to 2009. Despite the sales plateau, AMD's position has substantially improved over the past 12 months; the company reported a Q4 net income of $375M for...

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Acer Confirms That They'll Support Both Netbooks And Tablets

Well, this settles that! Earlier in the week, there were a number of reports that stated Acer's intentions to phase out netbooks in favor of a tablet-filled future, but the company seems so serious about miniature notebooks that they're issuing a statement of their own to debunk those claims. Acer has made clear that mobility continues to...

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TRENDnet Ships 450Mbps Wireless N Gaming Adapter

Speed kills, and speed is also required if you're planning to do any hardcore online gaming. Ping times can mean life and death in an online deathmatch, and TRENDnet is looking out for your head. In a sense, anyway. The company has just shipped their newest wireless adapter, the 450Mbps Wireless N Gaming Adapter. The TEW-687GA networks computers,...

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Sony Shutting Down Major CD Manufacturing Plant: Is The Disc Dead?

Well, it's probably nearing the end of an era. Of course, it's not totally unexpected, and analysts in the industry have seen this day coming for years. The CD is becoming a relic, and children born five to ten years from now will probably view the Compact Disc the same way that teenagers view the vinyl record today. The CD has had an incredible...

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Sidekick to Return to T-Mobile, Joined by Galaxy S 4G

At a press breakfast event on Thursday, T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm confirmed the Sidekick would be returning to the carrier, in 4G HSPA+ form. Also confirmed to be coming was another HSPA+ device already leaked all over the Web and previously called T-Mobile Vibrant 4G Plus: the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. To be clear, the new Galaxy S device...

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Boxee Box Firmware Update Adds 1080p Vudu Movie Streaming

The Boxee Box is still missing one major piece: Netflix. But that's better than missing two major pieces. Most of the streaming set-top box competition provides access to both Netflix and Vudu, and the latest Boxee Box firmwaer now provides access to the latter. Vudu is yet another movie rental service, but it differs from most by offering...

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