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AT&T Implementing Home Internet Caps Starting May 2nd

Well, isn't this a bummer. AT&T isn't just changing up their data plans on the mobile side, but also restructuring things on the home Internet side. AT&T currently provides DSL and U-verse services, providing high-speed broadband to a great many homes across America. But soon, they'll follow Comcast down the dark hallways of Internet...

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Amazon ends affiliate program in Illinois

Recently, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a bill that will require in-state affiliates to collect state sales tax on purchases made by Illinois residents. Shortly after this bill was signed, Amazon.com announced that it intends to end its affiliates program with Illinois residents. Amazon has previously opposed similar efforts in other...

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Fandor: Streaming Movies For Indie Lovers

We honestly have never had an issue with Netflix's legacy library. It's the new release library that is oftentimes a disappointment. It's tough for rental companies like Netflix to nab discs early, particularly with movie studios quietly rebelling against these cheap alternatives to buying a movie on disc. But some hardcore independent film...

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FCC Program To Provide Take-Home Internet Access To Students

A lot of people forget just how much money the government spends when it comes to school improvements and technology, and while the budget crunch has definitely hurt some of that, a new program is about to get kicked off with $9 million of support. The Federal Communications Commission announced 20 pilot programs that are slated to receive...

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AT&T Adds MLB Network To U-verse TV

Baseball fans who are AT&T U-verse customers will be happy to know that AT&T is adding the MLB Network to its U-verse TV channel lineup. Like other dedicated sports channels, MLB Network promises to bring you closer to the game with opinions, insights and analysis from the best in the business. This 24-hour dedicated network features...

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Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse Touts His Truly Unlimited Plan In New TV Ad

Sprint's Simply Everything plan has been around for years. It has always allowed unlimited web, texting and calling for a flat rate. Nothing special there. But in recent months, many other carriers have begun to tweak their unlimited plans, transforming them from unlimited plans to "unlimited*" plans. There have been instances of throttling,...

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Could The iPad Be A Cure For Autism?

The iPad is definitely a well-liked gadget, and now parents with autistic children have one more reason to like this handy little tablet: it may help reduce the number of violent meltdowns their children experience each day. According to experts, the iPad actually can reduce the symptoms of the disorder by helping kids deal with life's sensory...

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Adobe To Launch Flash Player 10.2 To Mobile Devices On March 18

With the launch of the iPad 2, the roar for having Flash on mobile devices seems to be weakening. It was viewed as a major pitfall for the first iPad, but things are a bit different now. For one, there are a lot of Android devices already on the market that support Flash viewing, and also, a lot of websites have switched to HTML5 for video...

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Intel Suggests That Canon May Soon Support Thunderbolt I/O Port

Intel's Thunderbolt has the chance to be the break-out technology of 2011, but only if you have support. But support is growing. The kickstart came when Apple decided to add the Thunderbolt to their line of new MacBook Pro machines, despite the fact that no actual hardware is available now to truly support it. But that will change soon. LaCie...

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