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HTC Introduced 7" EVO View 4G Tablet

A new tablet, at a cellphone show? That's the truth! Sprint and HTC not only launched the EVO 3D today, they also launched the EVO View 4G, one of the first WiMAX tablets. It's a 7" 1024x600 display, with a powerful 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the latest version of HTC Sense, dual cameras (5MP HD camera + 1.3MP camera) and an aluminum...

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HTC EVO 3D To Ship On Sprint With Blockbuster On Demand

CTIA 2011 is in full swing in Florida, and lots of new phones and tablets are being announced. Sprint has introduced one of the wildest at the show, with the HTC EVO 3D to become America's first 4G "glasses-free" device with a QHD 3D display. The phone's set to debut this summer, bringing with it WiMAX support, a 4.3" display, a 1.2GHz Qualcomm...

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HTC Announced HD7S Windows Phone 7 Smartphone On AT&T

T-Mobile received one of their first Windows Phone 7 phones with the HD7, and now a similar phone is coming to AT&T. AT&T has been a bit slow to adopt phones with WP7 and Android, but things are changing quickly now that Verizon Wireless has the iPhone as well. The company today announced that the HD7S smartphone would be coming to...

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Valve Publishes Portal 2 Game Trailer

Valve. Just mention the word in gaming circles, and a conversation is bound to start. The company has a long history of producing amazing software titles, many of which are legendary. Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and more recently, Portal. And with the great success of Portal, there's obviously opportunity for a second version....

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Cobra Tag Bluetooth Location System Keeps Your Valuables Around

Having trouble keeping track of your keys? It's a problem that most everyone has had at some point, and with all of our lives getting busier by the minute, it's a problem that deserves a solution. Cobra Electronics, a company usually linked to in-car radar detectors, is branching out this week at CTIA with an all new tracking/location service...

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AT&T Announces Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone, The LG Thrill 4G

AT&T introduced a new smartphone that will offer a glasses-free 3D experience. The new LG Thrill 4G will feature a dual-core, dual-channel 1 GHz processor and will run Android 2.2. In addition to delivering a glasses-free 3D experience, the phone will also let users shoot 3D video and 3D stills with the dual 5-megapixel stereoscopic camera....

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Apple Sues Amazon.com Over 'App Store' Trademark

Apple has sued Amazon.com over the use of the name "App Store." Amazon.com just today launched a new Android marketplace called the Amazon Appstore. However, Apple applied to register "App Store" as a trademark in the U.S., and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the application. That said, Microsoft has appealed to the USPTO Trademark...

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Wireless: What A Difference a Decade Makes

The year is 2001. Alas, videoconferencing hasn't replaced the home phone (and neither Dave nor Hal have embarked on a manned mission to Jupiter). Instead 2G wireless networks, running at 0.006 MB/second, are the best Earth has to offer. Fast forward one decade and 4G LTE networks are the rage, promising speeds of up to 100 Mbps (and reliably...

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Super Talent Promises USB3.0 Performance At A USB 2.0 Price

Super Talent announced the new USB 3.0 Express DUO 2-CH flash drive. This drive features a cap-less industrial design as well as a black piano finish housing that twists to hide and reveal the USB 3.0 port. When connected to a USB 3.0 port, Super Talent says the 2-channel design of the Express Duo 2-CH can hit speeds over 67MB/s. The drive...

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Gateway Debuts New NV Series Notebooks With Latest AMD Processors

Gateway is adding new models to its Gateway NV Series line of notebook PCs that will feature the latest AMD processors. The new line delivers a full-sized keyboard, large 15.6-inch HD widescreen Ultrabright LED-backlit display, three USB ports, an HDMI port, and more. The new line starts at $399.99 for the NV51B08u with an AMD C-Series processor...

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T-Mobile Not Getting iPhone Anytime Soon

This one is about as cut and dry as they come: there's still no T-Mobile iPhone around the corner. Over the weekend, AT&T announced their intentions to acquire T-Mobile USA for $39 billion, and immediately, some began to wonder about the obvious: would this mean that the iPhone would have yet another new home? Not so fast. A Q&A form...

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Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB Storage Drives Released

It's not unusual these days to see an aftermarket car stereo with a USB port. Most of these players have USB sockets in order to give users the ability to easily load up MP3 files that they may have stored on a thumb drive, but the issue that most run into has nothing to do with the player -- it's the drive. A typical USB thumb drive is pretty...

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Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble Over Patent-Infringing Android Devices

If you thought the tax preparers were the only folks staying busy this time of year, you should reconsider. Microsoft's legal team has plenty on their plate of late. Just months after the company sued Motorola for infringing Microsoft's patents in select Android devices, the company is now going after even more manufacturers of Android products....

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Apple Fixes Display Issues, Other Bugs With OS X 10.6.7 Release

Not too long after Apple started to ship their newest MacBook Pro models (the ones with Intel's Thunderbolt I/O port), forums began to populate with comments stating that their screens were having flickering issues. There were reports shortly thereafter noting that Apple was looking into the matter, and that this was an issue that would eventually...

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