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Netbook Navigator Reveals Windows 7-Based NAV7 Slate PC

The world's getting more and more crowded when it comes to tablets, but one sector that's still lacking is that containing Windows 7 tablets. Microsoft's desktop OS just hasn't integrated well into the tablet side, and many non-Apple companies are siding with Android, particularly Honeycomb, which scales to tablets in a far superior way. But...

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MSI Resumes Shipments Of Sandy Bridge Notebooks

It's one of the final companies to make this public, but it's good to hear nonetheless. While Intel's Sandy Bridge snafu is largely history, companies were scrambling for weeks to fulfill orders, satisfy customers and get "fixed" parts in from Intel. It's not a juggling match that we envy, that's for sure. MSI obviously ships quite a few Sandy...

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Verizon Wireless And Samsung Announce 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Starting tomorrow, the Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot from Verizon Wireless will be available for purchase in stores. If you can’t wait, you can order it online today. The hotspot will cost for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement on a 4G Mobile Broadband plan. With the hotspot, you’ll be able...

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Need a Cheap Alternative to the MacBook Air? HP Laptop Goes for $399

If you're a diehard Apple fan, move along, there's nothing to see here but a low-priced Windows PC that can't possibly compare with your swank new MacBook Air. For everyone else, keep reading, because with a little coupon magic, you can own a pretty decent alternative to Apple's ultra-thin and light notebook for just $399. The PC in question...

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MSI Rolls Out Ultra Slim X370 Laptop

Thin is in, playa, and everywhere you turn someone's touting an ultra-slim notebook. That includes MSI, which just announced its new X370 laptop with a super thin profile and long 10-hour battery life. This thing measures a scant 324 (W) x 227 (D) x 22.8 (H) millimeters, or for those of you who shake an angry fist at the metric system, that's...

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AT&T Announces Smartphone Price Cuts

These days, phones seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper in the U.S., while plans creep higher and higher in price. International data packages are being hacked, and data limits are being applied. But it's sure enticing; AT&T has just lowered the initial barrier to entry quite significantly on a number of phones. AT&T customers can...

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HotHardware's Killer 3D Gaming Rig Spring Fling Sweepstakes

Just in time for spring, HotHardware.com and our friends at MAINGEAR, NVIDIA, Asus, Intel, and Patriot have teamed up to put together one heck of monster sweepstakes give-away! This time around we're giving you a chance to win an Intel Core i7-2600K-infused, custom MAINGEAR-built gaming rig with 16GB of Patriot DDR3 RAM, a, Intel 510 Series...

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President Obama Owns An iPad And Computer, Thank Heavens!

You can now rest easy, gentlemen and ladies. President Barack Obama owns a computer. Phew! Oh, and he owns an iPad, too! Double phew! As if there was any question about the man who owns a $3,000, specialized BlackBerry owning a computer, let us put that to rest. During a brief trip to South America, Obama admitted on Univision that he owns...

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Nokia Shows New Face: Nokia Pure Typeface

Nokia is turning over a new leaf. The company has been taken over by an ex-Microsoft vet, and they're largely ditching Symbian in order to focus on Windows Phone 7. It's a fresh start for an old company and there's better no way to say that to the public than by changing how they perceive you. For Nokia, that starts with their famed font....

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WWDC 2011 Tix Being Scalped at eBay

WWDC 2011 sold out in hours. That said, you might expect to see some eBay scalping, and you'd be right. At the time of this writing, there are 9 auctions for WWDC tickets on eBay. To be clear, the official price for a single ticket was $1,500. One auction has a bid of $1,100, with a BuyItNow price of $3,900. Ah, but there's free shipping....

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Nintendo 3DS BOM Estimated to be $100.71: iSuppli

iSuppli did its typical teardown of a hot electronic device, and it's preliminary estimate on the Nintendo 3DS came up with $100.71. If you add in the obligatory $2.54 manufacturing cost of the 3DS, the total cost to produce the portable gaming system rises to $103.25, said iSuppli. This is about a 33 percent increase over the BOM for the...

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TomTom Intros PRO 7150, PRO 9150 and PRO 7150 TRUCK Navigators

In need of a new GPS? Everyone needs to get where they're going, and TomTom is out to help. The company has just introduced three new units today, all of which carry 5" panels and plenty of businesses who are considering rolling out a fleet of navigation devices. The TomTom PRO 7150, PRO 9150 and PRO 7150 TRUCK are all available today, and...

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