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AT&T's Broadband Meter Kicks Into Gear

Back in early March, we covered news that AT&T was instituting broadband meters after years of providing unlimited service. For standard DSL customers, 'unlimited' now means 150GB per month, while U-verse subscribers have a higher cap of 250GB/s. AT&T claims that these caps are necessary due to the fact that a small number of customers...

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Researchers Explore Alternatives To Dark Silicon

One of the features that AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and ARM have all pushed in the last six years is the evolution of their various power saving technologies. This allows chips to draw much less power, but it leaves increasingly large amounts of the processor unpowered the majority of the time. As process technologies shrink, this so-called 'dark...

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Hardware Roundup

Video: PowerColor Radeon 6670 1GB @ PureOverclock Processors: AMD Athlon II X2 265 Processor Review by Ultimate Hardware Memory and Storage: Mach Extreme MX-GX 16GB USB 3.0 Review at Overclockers Online Legion Hardware - (Synology DiskStation DS411+) [Tech ARP] Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1 TB Portable (USB 3.0) Hard Disk Drive Review Power:...

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Motorola Releases Xoom Sales Numbers

Previously, we told you that analysts were expecting Motorola to report weak sales of its new Xoom tablet.  Now, the official numbers are out, and they're not as bad as some analysts predicted. In fact, during its first-quarter earnings report, Motorola said it shipped 250,000 Xoom tablets in the first month the device was available....

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D-Link Focuses On Speed With DIR-651 Wireless N Router

Trying to cut cables these days? It's time for Spring Cleaning in your network rack, and D-Link knows it. This week they announced the DIR-651, a Wireless N 300 Gigabit router that's geared for speed. It'll handle 802.11n connections as well as provide four Gigabit Ethernet ports on the rear. The Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) allows...

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E FUN Goes Stylus With 7" Next5 Android 2.1 Tablet

My, how the times have changed. Just a few years ago, the vast majority of tablets shipped with resistive touch panels and a stylus to control input. These days, it's all about capacitive and multi-touch. If you can't do it with your fingers, it's not worth doing...or something like that. But E FUN (hardly a household name) is putting the...

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NZXT Reveals Colorful New FS-200 LED Fan Lineup

It's not quite as sophisticated or complex as some of the liquid cooling options we've seen lately, but there's still a monster market out there for standard case fans. NZXT knows a thing or two about the hardcore gaming PC sect, and they're introducing this week a new FS-200 LED fan lineup to provide powerful gusts with no noise. And in order...

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Scosche Reveals Waterproof, Flexible freeKEY Tablet Keyboard

Keyboards have been around a long, long time. And come to think of it, so have Bluetooth keyboards and flexible keyboards. But that said, we haven't seen a good option combining both of those in quite some time, and that's where Scosche comes in. The accessory maker has just revealed their new freeKEY, a flexible / wireless keyboard that's...

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Sprint To Sell Wi-Fi Only Motorola Xoom For $600 On May 8th

No real surprises here, but the Motorola Xoom will soon have a second U.S. carrier to call home. Sprint has this week announced that they'll also be stocking the world's first Honeycomb tablet, but instead of having 3G / 4G support, it'll sell the Wi-Fi only model. The specs remains the same otherwise: there's a 10.1" display, 1GHz dual-core...

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