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Farmville Maker Files for $1 Billion IPO

Zynga, the online gaming company responsible for Farmville and other Facebook games that once littered your social networking wall with dorky updates, is the latest tech company to file for a ridiculously large IPO. How large, you ask? Just in case you thought that's a typo in the title, it's not; Zynga really and truly expects to raise $1...

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Steam Summer Camp Sale Beats Getting a Sunburn

We're well into summer now, and that means lounging in the backyard in your hammock, catching a tan (and some eye candy) at the beach, bar-b-ques, and all that other stuff that's fun to do in nice weather. And then reality hits -- you live in the midwest or some other locale that constantly interrupts your summer plans with rain and other...

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Samsung Targets Back To School Shoppers With Five New Models

Samsung expanded its Series 9 laptop line with five new models that are set to hit store shelves in time for the back-to-school shopping season. The new 13.3-inch models offer the same 2.89 lb, 0.62-inch form factor of the previous models and offer increased storage capacity and increasing speeds. For an even more portable option, the new...

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Zuckerberg Says Facebook Is Planning “Something Awesome” For Next Week

Hot on the heels of the Google+ announcement, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told reporters his company is planning to “launch something awesome” next week. Speculation around the announcement primarily surrounds the mobile or tablet space, though Zuckerberg didn’t reveal specific details. Over the past few...

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Dangerous Prototypes: An Open Source Hardware Project A Month

Dangerous Prototypes is a two-year old organization with the stated mission of producing "one new open source project every month." In its nearly two years in existence, DP has created about 30 projects, such as the Flash Destroyer. All are being sold by another interesting company, Seeed Studio. Seeed is a contract manufacturing/sales channel...

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Razer Introduces Transformers 3 Line Of Peripherals

Razer has a thing for pumping out a pretty wild amount of peripherals these days. But that's good, given that we're fond of pretty much all of them. A few months back, Razer also produced a few accessories that were labeled specifically for the TRON film, and a similar thing is going down this week. With the release of Transformers 3, Razer's...

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Amped Wireless Intros Wireless High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point

If we were ever looking to start up a router company, we'd probably call it Amped Wireless. Just seems to click, doesn't it? Too bad, though, because that company name is already taken. Amped has just unveiled the AP300 High Power Wireless-300N Smart Access Point for adding long range, high speed wireless access and additional wired ports...

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Aspire One Happy 2 Netbook Line Happily Comes to America

Happy, happy, joy, joy! While calling a notebook "Happy" may seem odd, there's no way you can say it without smiling. Just try. Acer's Aspire One Happy line of netbooks have already shipped in Europe, but now people in the U.S. will be getting the good vibes as well. The Aspire One Happy 2, a series of stylish netbooks in four pastel colors,...

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