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Amazon Announces New Features in Kindle Format 8

Amazon is ditching the Mobi 7 file system in favor of the new Kindle Format 8 (KF8). The new file system, which has already been showcased on the soon-to-be-released Kindle Fire, is designed to enable publishers to use HTML5 for rich formatting in everything from children’s books to engineering textbooks. The basic new features include...

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Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support Period Extended From 3 To 5 Years

Canonical’s Desktop Ubuntu releases are on a predictable schedule; the short-term releases are on a 6-month cycle, and every two years a Long Term Release (LTS) rolls out, which Canonical supports for three years with updates and maintenace. The LTS support cycle for Ubuntu Server, on the other hand, extends for five years, which makes...

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Blizzcon 2011: My God—It's Full of Awesome

Blizzard's Blizzcon has wrapped up, and we've gathered up the best of the goodies to discuss them with you. There were major unveils for all three Blizzard 'verse's (and a new game announced)—whether you're a WoW player, Starcraft fan, or anxious for Diablo III, there's updates and goodies to review. New Warcraft Expansion: Mists of...

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Sprint Drops Tethering From All-You-Can-Eat 4G Buffet

Sprint's big battle cry entering into the iPhone 4S era is, "We have true unlimited data; the other guys don't!" That's a definite advantage in the smartphone wars, but can Sprint sustain an unlimited business model with all the new traffic Apple's iPhone will bring to its network? That's a good question and one that's made even more interesting...

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Verizon's Q3 Earnings Report Shows Solid Growth All Around

It's been one of those weeks for analysts -- one of those great, hairy weeks where they get to sit back, look at earnings reports and make predictions. Verizon has just come clean with their Q3 2011 results, and by and large, they look rather positive. The company remained on track in the quarter, with revenues boosted by 5.4% and overall...

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Nintendo Bringing Hulu Plus To 3DS And Wii, 3DS Preps For 3D Video Recording

Nintendo may be struggling to move a serious amount of 3DS handhelds, but this just might help. Hulu Plus is coming to the 3DS and Wii. According to a new release from the company, 3DS and Wii owners will soon have the ability to access even more of their favorite TV shows and movies: the Hulu Plus service will be added to both systems by...

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