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Have Some Freakish Fun with Halloween Filters in Google+

Feeling a little bit freakish with Halloween just around the corner? So are we, and Google+ lets us get our full freak on with a new Creative Kit for manipulating photos. In addition to basic editing tools and semi-powerful filters already available, the Creative Kit lets you add all kinds of effects and text to your photos, including some...

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ARM Details ARMv8 64-Bit Architecture

ARM's breakout might be just a step ahead. While ARM chips have always been vital, they've become even more so with the proliferation of mobile products. And now that Microsoft has committed to making Windows on ARM a reality, the sky's the limit. Now, ARM's detailing and disclosing the inner specs behind the next version of the ARM architecture....

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Need A TouchPad? Buy A PC At Best Buy!

Welp, looks like this is the end of the line. For real this time. HP's TouchPad has been a tough item to get in recent months -- right after that price drop from $499 to $99. We suspected that all stock was already depleted, but evidently a few remain. But now there's a catch to getting one. HP and Best Buy have announced that starting on...

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Sony Internet TV Nabs Google TV Update

Google TV. Remember that? Just kidding. While Google TV certainly hasn't been as popular as something like Gmail, it's a product that Google still seems interested in improving. This week, Sony announced a software update to the Google TV platform that powers the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc player. This latest version not only powers existing...

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