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HotHardware and Gigabyte New Year's Giveaway

Now that the holidays and CES craziness are over, we thought it would be a good time to launch our latest giveaway! This time around, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Gigabyte to give away a few of pieces of HOT hardware. Up for grabs, we have a Z68 series, Z68XP-UD3P motherboard, GeForce GTX 560 N56GOC-IGI graphics card, and...

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MSI Rolls Out R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC Graphics Card with Chilly Temps

MSI this week announced a handful of its own brand Radeon HD 7950 graphics, including the R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC, which brings more to the gaming table than just a funktastic model number. Sharing the spotlight with AMD's 7950 GPU is a custom air cooler MSI claims is up to 10 percent chillier and produces 13.7dB less noise than the reference...

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Seagate Says Hard Drive Shortage Will Continue Through 2012

Seagate this week reported financial results for the quarter ended December 30, 2011, in which the company said it shipped 47 million disk drives and collected $3.2 billion in revenue. For the six months ended on the same day, Seagate says it collected revenue of $6 billion and returned $151 million to shareholders in the form of a dividend....

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U.S. Cellular Outs Its 4G LTE Devices, Network Rollout Coming Next Month

If you’ve been patiently waiting for U.S. Cellular to get around to launching its 4G LTE network, your wait will soon be over--in March, the carrier will roll out 4G LTE to some cities in Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, North Carolina, Texas, and Oklahoma, covering about a quarter of U.S. Cellular’s customers. U.S. Cellular also unveiled...

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Intel's Updated Price List Reveals More than a Dozen New Sandy Bridge Processors

Intel has posted an updated processor price list with prices that went into effect at the end of January, but if you were hoping for any big drops, you're going to be disappointed. In fact, there weren't any price reductions at all, big, small, or in between. Intel did, however, add seven new processors to its Sandy Bridge lineup. From top...

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Judge Dismisses Oracle Fraud Claim; Filing Shows HP "Strategically Screwed" by Itanium Cancellation

In the ongoing HP/Oracle lawsuit, the judge has dismissed Oracle's fraud case against HP and decided to allow the unredacted version of Oracle's claim to be published, and it's chock full of juicy bits and choice quotes. None of the newly revealed portions change Oracle's claim that HP and Intel have unnaturally extended Itanium's life, or...

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Antec Unveils High Current Gamer M PSUs

Antec is replacing its High Current Gamer PSU line with the High Current Gamer M series, with the primary difference being that the latter has hybrid modularity. Available in 400W ($89.95), 520W ($99.95), and 620W ($119.95) models, the series of PSUs will be available in “early February” (which is technically now). Antec revealed...

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Kinect For Windows Arrives

As promised, Microsoft has released Kinect for Windows. You may recall that Steve Ballmer announced Microsoft's plans at CES to ship Kinect for Windows on February 1st. Now, that day is here, and Microsoft is making good on its promise. With version 1.0 of the SDK and runtime, you'll get full support for up to four Kinect sensors that...

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Alienware's X51 Lands at HH, Autopsy and Benchmarks Ensue

On the test track, Alienware notebooks have racked up some of the best performance numbers we've seen and the company's desktops rank right up there as well.  One shape the Aliens have never assumed previously, however, is the small form-factor desktop.  And let's be honest, systems in this weight class generally aren't known for...

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Genius Announces DeathTaker Laser Gaming Mouse

Genius introduced the DeathTaker professional laser gaming mouse. This mouse is designed for MMO and RTS gamers. The DeathTaker is the first product in the GX Gaming Series. Genius plans to unveil addition products for this line in the coming months. The DeathTaker mouse features nine buttons which gives users the ability to customize their...

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Mozilla Releases Firefox 10 To The Masses, Massive Changelog In Tow

Milestones come and go, but hitting the big ten is always a feat worth applauding. It seems like just yesterday that the first beta of Mozilla's Firefox was rolling out, but today -- millions of users later -- the tenth iteration is available for download. Firefox 10.1 is now ready to be used by Mac, Linux and PC advocates, with a number of...

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LaCie Announces 5big Office Series, Powered By Windows Home Server 2011

After all these years, LaCie's storage hardware still looks better than storage hardware from pretty much any other vendor. And if you're starting up a small business, you may be interested in what the company's got on offer now. This week, LaCie announced the 5big Office Series, its latest five-bay network attached storage solutions. The...

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