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Canonical Announces Ubuntu for Android, Makes Your Phone a PC

“In every dual-core phone, there’s a PC trying to get out”, says the tagline on Canonical’s Ubuntu for Android page. It’s true that the specs on high-end smartphones these days are impressive to say the least, with more processing cores, better graphics, more storage, and 4G data speeds, but Canonical apparently...

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RIM Unleashes PlayBook OS 2.0

As speculated, RIM released the long-anticipated update to its PlayBook tablet today. The new BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 is available as a free over the air update. With the update, you'll get a new integrated email client with a unified inbox, social integration with calendar and contacts, an updated BlackBerry Bridge app, the ability to...

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Barnes & Noble Introduces 8GB NOOK Tablet For Under $200

There have been rumors suggesting Barnes & Noble was preparing a slightly less expensive Nook Tablet that would better compete with Amazon's popular Kindle Fire tablet. Now, those rumors have been confirmed. Today, Barnes & Noble announced the 8GB Nook Tablet with a price tag of $199. Like its predecessor, the new 8GB Nook Tablet features...

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New GeForce Drivers from Nvidia Give Skyrim a Big Boost in Performance

Slaying dragons isn't easy, and if that's your goal in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can use all the help you can get. Provided you're rocking a GPU built by Nvidia, new GeForce drivers released today will give you a "game changing performance boost" to work with, up to a whopping 45 percent, according to Nvidia's release notes. Nvidia...

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HH Hot Deals of the Day: Dell Vostro, Dell LCD, 73" HDTV and More

The HOT deals continue to roll in, courtesy of our friends at LogicBuy. We have a health serving of bargains on tap for you all this morning, including deals on a Core i5-powered Dell Vostro notebook, a 21” Dell LED-backlit 1080P monitor, a 73” Mitsubishi HDTV, a Panasonic Blu-Ray player, and a deep discount on a pair of $25 iTunes...

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Intel Sets the Record Straight on Ivy Bridge Delay Rumors

There's a rumor going around that Intel's initial Ivy Bridge launch will end up stunted by small volume shipments in early April, with mass shipments being delayed until sometime after June. News of the delay was reported by DigiTimes last week after it claimed to have heard from sources in the notebook industry that Intel made the decision...

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Lenovo u300e ULtrabook Now Available for Pre-order

If you've been holding out for Lenovo's U300e Ultrabook ever since it was first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, today's the day you can finally order one, albeit it's a little pricier than anticipated. At CES 2012, Lenovo said the U300e would start at $799, and while that might still be true, the configuration...

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Nokia Siemens and Qualcomm Announce HSPA+ Multiflow

Nokia Siemens Networks and Qualcomm have announced a new technology called HSPA+ Multiflow that promises to dramatically increase mobile network efficiency and double the data speed on the network edge. The idea is quite simple, really. HSPA+ Multiflow enables a single device to connect to a two mobile base stations at once; when reception...

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Foxconn's Factories Visited By Nightline, iDevice Builders Finally Speak

Now this, this is pretty insane. For quite some time now, ABC's Nightline has been attempting to gain access to the behind-the-scenes nature where iAnything products are built. But in typical Apple fashion, the company has remained pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing. But there's something even Apple can't ignore: massive public pressure....

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LG Introduces Optimus LTE Tag, Complete With NFC Module

Mobile World Congress is just around the bend, and that means a deluge of new smartphones comin' atcha. As if there hasn't already been a waterfall of them for the past few years. At any rate, LG is following up on the Optimus Vu announcement with a little tap-and-go announcement, as the Optimus LTE Tag is going to be the company's newest,...

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