Save Images and Videos From Online Flash Galleries by Monitoring HTTP Requests and more...

Save Images and Videos From Online Flash Galleries by Monitoring HTTP Requests

Some websites use different tricks to prevent visitors from saving content on their site to their own computers. Sometime this is deliberate, for example, video streaming sites often obfuscate the URL to the actual video file. Others may be unintentional, for example, Flash websites and Flash photo galleries. Flash websites can display animation and transition that cannot be easily recreated using HTML and JavaScript. But images, text and videos embedded in Flash websites cannot be saved by right-clicking on the content.

One way to save pictures embedded inside Flash galleries is to save the SWF file to your computer and then using a decompiling software such as Flash Digger or Adobe Flash Professional to extract its contents. However, this method doesn’t always work. Most websites use Flash only as a player, just like YouTube or any other video streaming sites does. The actual video file or images are pulled from a directory on the server and displayed inside the Flash player. Decompiling such a Flash/SWF file will yield nothing.

So how do you save images displayed within such a Flash gallery? The same way video downloading tools such as Stream Transport does – by sniffing the traffic between the browser and the remote server and capture the URL to the actual files.

Now since there are no software that will sniff out images, we will have to do that ourselves. Some browsers have developer tools built-in; that’s all we need for our purpose. In Chrome you can open Developer tools from the Tools menu or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I. In Opera, developer tools is under Page > Developer Tools > Opera Dragonfly.


After you have opened the Developer Tools window, load the website or page on which the Flash gallery is. Click on the Network tab on the Developer tools window and keep your eyes on the HTTP traffic that is exchanged between the browser and server. The Type column will tell you the type of files that the browser has downloaded. Watch out for images or videos, whatever you want to save. The moment the image or video loads on the page you should see the files downloading. Grab the URL of these files from the developer tools window.

In Firefox, you can use the Firebug extension. Another easy tool is Tamper Data. It has a clean interface, and focuses only on HTTP requests.


By monitoring HTTP requests it is possible to save almost anything that is seen in your screen or heard through the speakers.


Giveaway Forever: Install Giveaway of the Day Programs After the Giveaway Expired

You must be aware of the website Giveaway of the Day, often abbreviated GAOTD. The website offers one commercially licensed Windows software for free every single day. Each software offered on the site is free only on a specific date and should be downloaded, installed and activated on the same day. A protection software included with the download makes sure that you cannot install the program once the 24 hour giveaway period has expired, even if you’ve still got the installer. Understandably, people are eager to know how to bypass the protection.

It so happens that there is a weakness in the Giveaway of the day wrapper - it extracts the setup installer of the software to the temporary folder in Windows and then connects to GAOTD’s server to find out whether the program is being given away for that day. For a short period of time, the naked installer remains in the temporary directory. There are already several guides all over the Internet that shows you how to locate the temporary directory and recover the installer before it is deleted from the system.


Now there is a tool called Giveaway Forever which is able to automatically detect the setup installer in the temporary folder and save it on your computer so that you can install it later.

Giveaway Forever program is in Italian but it’s easy to use if you follow these steps.


First click on the Sfoglia button to browse for the ZIP file that you’ve downloaded from Giveaway of the day’s website. Then click the huge “Genera File per l’installazione Illimitata” button which will automatically extract the zip file, run the setup.exe, detect the setup installer from temporary folder and copy it to Documents folder. Finally click the Vai ai Giveaway button to open the My Documents folder to access the original setup installer file.

You can use Giveaway Forever at anytime to extract the installer from the GAOTD setup. Of course, the setup file itself needs to be downloaded from GAOTD’s website the same day when the giveaway is active.

Thanks Raymond


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