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JODHPUR, INDIA, April 6, 2012(Press Information Bureau): The inauguration of the first Spices Park in Rajasthan for processing seed spices like cumin, coriander and fennel will be commissioned on Saturday, April 7, 2012 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The Park will be inaugurated by the Union Commerce and Industry Minister, Mr. Anand Sharma in the presence of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot.

The Park is set up in an area of 60.07 acres of land provided by the Rajasthan Government free of cost in the Rampura Bhatia Village of Ozian Tehsil, near Jodhpur. The Spice Park has common infrastructure and processing facilities for seed spices, especially for cumin and coriander which are widely grown in the State. The machinery in the Park is also capable of processing fennel and fenugreek, which are quite ample in this region.

A full line processing facility with a capacity to turn out two tons per hour has in-built facilities for pre-cleaning, grading, color sorting, grinding and packing of spices. The facilities available at Spice Park are at par with the international standards.


KATMANDU, NEPAL, April 10, 2012 (Hindustan Times): Authorities at Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal's most revered Hindu shrine, have started revealing its income from donations. Details of donations made by devotees had remained a mystery to outsiders and used to be shared by priests and storekeepers at the Lord Shiva shrine visited by millions annually.

On Sunday, the first day when counting of donations and offerings for special prayers in the temple began, Pashupati Area Development Trust authorities collected NRs 185,000 (US$2,250). At this rate, the temple is expected to generate around NRs 40 million (US$485,700) every year. Significantly, collections see a surge on Saturdays, Mondays and important festivals.

"We have set an example by implementing this long-cherished plan. This will contribute greatly to overall development of the temple," The Kathmandu Post quoted culture minister Gopal Kirati. He is of the view that the development at Pashupati will send a positive message to important temples in Nepal and abroad and make them disclose income generated from donations.

From now priests and storekeepers of the temple will get monthly salaries. Nearly NRs 20 (US$243,000) will be spent on wages annually and the rest used to develop the UNESCO world heritage site which is located in Kathmandu on the banks of the Bagmati. Pashupatinath is believed to be around 1500 years old.


UNITED STATES, April 4, 2012 (Huffington Post by Saumya Haass): When I sat down to write about Hindu women who inspire me, I first thought of my cultural ancestors: women whose lives shine through the avalanche of male-oriented history, who not only overcame trials in their lifetime, but the challenge of being remembered centuries later. While heritage is important, I also included Hindu women that I encounter through the news, my community and daily life. My contemporaries: women who live and strive in the world in which I live and strive, but do it with assertiveness, verve and grace to which I can only aspire.

(See source article for these women heroes: Gargi, Akka, Rani of Jhansi, Phoolan Devi, Kiran Bedi, Vandana Shiva, Anuradha Koirala, Anju Bhargava, Lalita Arya and an anonymous Ganga bather.)


When you are going about any action, remind yourself of its nature. Picture to yourself the things which usually happen in that action. Be prepared. Then, keep your own mind in an adequate state. For thus, if any hindrance arises, you will say, "It was not only to do this action that I desired, but to keep my mind in a state I decided; and I shall keep it only if I allow no thing to bother me."
-- Epictetus, (55-135 ce) Greek philosopher of the stoic school

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