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Destination: Procrastination

 Dorm decorating inspired by queen of mean, Blair Waldorf
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Female staffers of The Daily Show speak out about the shows writers who notoriously skew male

Apparently, Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper are not planning to wed soon

What's a pothole garden?

My 1987 self is SUPER impressed: Glamour scored an interview with The Baby-Sitters Club series author Ann M. Martin
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Thank you NYmag.com for compiling this sweet list of foxes of finance for me
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There's a cheap, aluminum-free deo on the market from The Body Shop

A review of My Smokey Classics by Lauren Luke
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My gal Tamar reviews a spa sanctuary nestled in the idyllic hamlet of... Times Square

Before you go flats-shopping, read FPD's guide
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The New Windows at Harvey Nichols

Man made of books on bench made of books.

One of the greatest things about this blog (other than the fact that it saved me from... oh, a life of MISERY) is that I'm now hip to the happenings of Brits. They reach out to me on a regular to pitch me their stunning English beauty gems like Jelly Pong Pong and Anatomicals and when I go into my analytics, I find that British readership is nearly as high as American. This obviously makes me VERY happy as I have always felt I am British on the inside. Anywhoodle, the point to this rant is that a Harvey Nicks (I always call it that because that's what Patsy Stone calls it) rep just sent me these fabulous photos of the stores new window scheme. It's all so Jonathan Switcher from Mannequin, isn't it?

Dress made from wooden clothes pegs.

  Ferrari made from tiny orange horses.

Inspiration for the new windows is taken from the A/W trend understated classics, illustrated on the catwalk shows by designers such as Stella McCartney and Céline.The motif is a celebration of mundane items that are so every day you almost ignore them without noticing their true beauty and design worth.

Everyday items are used as the main prop and are made of smaller related items, e.g. a giant hammer covered in nails, a tree made from pencils and a piano made from cassettes. The display is completed using tool boxes, cassette tape and giant nails. The colors used follow suit in mainly neutral tones, the only colors used being hints of yellow and orange.

   Piano and stool made from cassette tapes and cases.

Janet Wardley, Head of Visual Display for Harvey Nichols says, “Harvey Nichols have used the current trend ‘classics’ and turned it on its head to transform mundane objects into works of art!...expect the unexpected…”

So cool, don't you think? My fave is the Ferrari made of teeny tiny HORSES.

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Estee Lauder Fall 2010 Blue Dahlia Pure Color Collection

Why SHOULDN'T we discuss bold, festive fall makeup during the hottest week--ever? It's making me feel nostalgic for light jackets, wool and sexy fragrances. It's a nice break from schvitzing, isn't it?

The Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Pure Color Collection for Fall 2010 details below will leave you craving cooler climes more apropos for indigos and violets. You won't have to wait too long, thankfully. This collection debuts this month. It was created by the fabulous Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estee Lauder. My favorite? The Surreal Violet Pure Color Nail Lacquer. It's a dusty, holographic rosey violet that I'm rocking on my talons as I live and type.

“The blues and purples in the collection are iconic colors for autumn and winter. I like to give women choices in the way that they look. From a neutral to a smoky to a fashionable, strong look, these shades can be used with them all.” – Tom Pecheux
Introducing the new vision in color for the Fall 2010 season, the Blue Dahlia Pure Color Collection for smoldering eyes, shimmering lips and bold nails. Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux debuted his inspiration for this collection backstage at the Derek Lam Autumn/Winter 2010 Fashion Show. At the “Myth of the West”-themed show, Tom created a strong, intensely energetic look that perfectly tied together the design and fantasy of the clothing. The complete makeup collection includes two distinct looks as well as two complimentary lip products that create a visionary, avant-garde look with a touch of whimsical glamour.

Look 1: Blue Dahlia

  • Blue Dahlia Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette ($40.00) (I ADORE the frosty white shade this palette houses)
  • Rose Dusk / Night Bloom Pure Color Gloss Stick ($18.50 each)
  • Rock Candy / Twilight Petal Pure Color Gloss ($20.00 each)
  • Twilight Rose / Sepia Sand Pure Color EyeShadow Single ($20.00 each)
  • Blue Dahlia Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($18.00)

Look 2: Surreal Violet

  • Surreal Violet Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette ($40.00)
  • Orchid Dream / Mauve Mirage Pure Color Gloss Stick ($18.50 each)
  • Raspberry Pop / Star Pink Pure Color Gloss ($20.00 each)
  • Enchanted Meadow / Emerald Star Pure Color EyeShadow Single ($20.00 each)
  • Surreal Violet Pure Color Nail Lacquer ($18.00)

Complimentary Products for Lips

  • Midnight Bloom Pure Color Gloss Stick ($18.50)
  • Midnight Bloom Pure Color Gloss ($18.00)

The Blue Dahlia Pure Color Fall 2010 collection will be available for a limited time at all Estée Lauder counters nationwide and esteelauder.com starting in July 2010.
    Disclosure: Select samples from the collection were provided by Estee Lauder PR

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