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Fashion Week By Numbers

Number of Groundhog Day-esque deadlines for trend posts: EIGHT. I gave myself the most stressful assignment of coming up with beauty trends from JUST each day, never overlapping.

Number of $15+ cab rides all the way up to Lincoln Center (AKA Siberia) and back: 10

Number of actual runway shows attended: 1, Betsey Johnson, whose cartwheel reaffirmed why I heart FW.

Number of songs Shazaam'd during Betsey Johnson: 5. Fashion shows routinely boast the best mu.

Number of NYFW manicures: 1 using Lancome's new Vernis in Love at their event at the Solange Azagury-Partridge

Number of backstage shows covered: Just 7 this season--I found Instagram and Twitpic were far more useful for my trend pieces than hauling myself to and from the tents. THRILLS for social media!

Number of meals eaten while I'm walking to events/meetings/shows: Upwards of 10
Number of street style videos created: 1, for! Stay tuned. 

Number of Aquafinas consumed in the tents: Millions

Number of days heels were worn: Seven, thanks to my ankle booties from Aldo, which boast a walkable low heel. 

Number of times I played Madonna's "Vogue" upon entering backstage to psych me up: At least 7, for each time I went behind the beauty scenes. Some things never change. 

Number of hours I spent solo recouping/feeling jetlagged last night after filing my final trend post: 18

All in all? A fabulous time.

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Fashion Week Fall 2012 Beauty Trends: Shellacked Shapes, Nude Nails, Micro-braids

More must-have beauty trends seen on the fall 2012 runways: intricate nude nails, beautiful braids and perhaps a city-wide gel draught. Here, some the week's most salient hair and nail trends.

Carmen Marc Valvo

Shellacked Shapes
Ted Gibson used a veritable half-bottle of his Fix It Gel backstage at Carmen Marc Valvo to create a triangular low bun. The hair, parted on the side, was as shiny as patent leather. At Zac Posen, John Freida’s Luigi constructed a Japanese-inspired chignon saturated with gel and accented with shorn pieces of the models’ actual hair coated in product; the ends were snipped into sharp ribbon-like points before being artfully stuck back into the updo. John Frieda’s Sheer solution gave it a lacquered gleam. Orlando Pita for Phyto sculpted a super shiny low bun at Diane Von Furstenburg. Pita made the models’ parts and crowns almost reflective with Phytolisse Ultra-Shine Smoothing Serum and Pro Wet Gel.

Nude Nails
After a couple seasons of hot and heavy hues, nude nails are back for fall 2012. Backstage at DKNY, Essie’s Brooch the Subject, a creamy beige adorned models’ talons while a black fishnet-tipped nail painted with CND Putty graced the ladies’ hands on the runway at Joy Cioci. Alexander Wang and Sally Hansen collaborated on three exclusive nail shades inspired by the designer’s fall 2012 collection: Pumice, Ion and Bandage. The latter was the only shade worn down the actual runway, which manicurist Jin Soon Choi said was because Wang wanted a clean, natural look. Says Choi, “It’s a modern beige that goes with every skin tone.”
Joy Cioci

Micro Braids
The last big braid to rule the runway was the thick side version seen at Miu Miu and Alexander Wang two years ago. For fall 2012, the style is non-committal. Tommy Buckett for Marie Robinson Salon created an accent braid that cascaded diagonally, across the back of the head, seguing into a fishtail and finally, secured sans elastics or pins at Joy Cioci. Says Buckett, “We just used drugstore hairspray—TREsemme and Pantene—for dry texture, to get the ends a little dreadlock-like for an organic feel.” Odile Gilbert plaited one small “little girl braid” on one side of the models’ hair at Rachel Zoe and at Y-3, a single braid across the top of the head bridged together two symmetrical Princess Leia-esque buns.

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