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  1. How To Keep White Jeans White + More: Destination Procrastination
  2. Maybelline And Charlotte Free Partnership Announced Via P'Trique
  3. Earth Day Beauty Picks
  4. Napoleonic Warfare: The Latest Sexy Slayers From NP Set And Napoleon Perdis
  5. Embarking On The 2012 Eucerin Healthy Skin Challenge
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How To Keep White Jeans White + More: Destination Procrastination

How to keep white jeans white
[James Jeans Blog]

Celebs react to Dick Clark's death on Twitter
[Betty Confidential]

Racked rounds up 17 of the best drugstore products EVA

One word: CAT-FE

Smaller busted gals will dig this top from Lululemon

Is Jennifer Aniston getting married, too?
[The Luxury Spot]

Infographic: Things that are likely to happen when I'm drunk
[College Candy]

Voting started on MTV's Battle of the Boybands
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Eating in front of the TV is bad for you. Uh oh
[You Beauty]

People have zero idea what size they are
[The Cut]

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Maybelline And Charlotte Free Partnership Announced Via P'Trique

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe SHE is a CHICRET.

If this isn't the most genius marketing/social media move EVER, I don't know what is. Check out cameos from Betsey Johnson, John Jannuzzi, Laurel Pantin, Fiona Byrne and more as "Shit Fashion Girls Say"'s P'Trique spills the news about Maybelline's new face all over the damn joint. Also, I think Charlotte Free is too chic for this to be a chicret, as well. Check it:

What do you think of Charlotte Free as the new face of Maybelline?

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Earth Day Beauty Picks

Ladies, I penned the following for on Earth Day beauty and thought, aren't my BBJ babes on a need-to-know, as well? They ARE. Here it is.

To paraphrase in the negative a famous philosopher we all know, Kermit the Frog, it IS easy being green. The strangely perpetuated myth that natural beauty products are inferior to traditional formulas is exactly that.  With a bevy of beautiful ingredients, pigmented payoff and a distinct lack of chemicals, parabens and sulfates, these natural products perform just as well as their sometimes seriously scientific counterparts. Here, our seven eco-chic beauty picks to make you feel like a natural woman this Earth Day (and beyond!).

New: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Waterproof Concealer
Tarte’s natural camouflager delivers intense color payoff that’s so rare for a concealer. The item incorporates Maracuja oil, which is harvested in Brazil once a year, includes a high dose of vitamin C and is known for its instant brightening and anti-aging properties. A little goes a long way to cover up everything from redness to dark circles without caking or flaking. {$24} Read on...

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer
This frosty white cream highlighter applied strategically on just a few key spots (bridge of the nose, a dab above the cupid’s bow and on the cheekbones) yields Android levels of skin perfection. Its effect is diaphanous luminescence that glimmers without a trace of glitter, greasiness or stickiness. {$38}

Dr. Hauschka Eye Contour Day Balm
Don’t be put off by this hydrator’s nearly fluorescent hue of goldenrod that can only be described as Nickelodeon yellow. Its slightly waxy texture yields long-lasting moisture with a glow to the dehydrated orbital area; it also brightens the under-eye. Bonus: It’s perfect for lips, as well. {$52}

Vapour Aura Multi-use Blush
Many natural makeup companies tout wearable natural powder blush, but few include a solid cream iteration, as they’re harder to create without the use of parabens and preservatives. Vapour’s mineral pigment and vitamin-infused formula delivers impressive pigment payoff without sacrificing slip for an all-in-one portable cosmetic that imparts a healthy glow in seconds. It comes in a variety of shades from peachy to rosy to sun-kissed.  {$28}

New: Origins A Perfect World SPF 15
B.B. Creams (which stand for either Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) made their way stateside just over a year ago and few brands haven’t jumped on the bandwagon.  Origins’ pleasantly tea-scented, all-in-one moisturizer, SPF and foundation boasts a more liquid texture and an oil-free composition, so it won’t clog pores. Whereas most B.B. Creams come in just one shade (vampire), Origins includes a six-shade range from Light to Extra Deep. {$35}

New: Gud Floral Cherrynova Natural Body Lotion
From the makers of Burt’s Bees comes Gud, a new, inexpensive natural line of body and hair products sold at Target. Available at accessible pricepoints, the line’s comprised of an impressive 97% natural ingredients. This body hydrator’s subtle cherry blossom fragrance is subtle and sweet without being overly saccharine. {$7}

John Masters Organics Bourbon Vanilla Tangerine Hair Texturizer
Even those living north of the Mason Dixon will be charmed by this bourbon-, vanilla- and tangerine-tinged hair shaper that smells sublime. Made with castor oil, glycerine and five certified-organic oils to add shine and texture, this product doesn’t sacrifice strength to aid in creating that seemingly carefree tousled look you actually do care about. {$21}

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Napoleonic Warfare: The Latest Sexy Slayers From NP Set And Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon and I, enjoying tea.
One of my very favorite beauty brands and people in general Napoleon Perdis, his lovely publicist Danielle and I enjoyed a very civilized elevenses sesh last week at the St. Regis. Amid the business men who were no doubt in the U.S. making deals (damn it feels good to be a ganster), there were Napoleon and I, eating cookies, discussing Australian slang (it's so "povo," meaning poverty to have a breakfast meeting, hence why we opted for tea) and testing out his makeup on my face and all over my hands in the grand salon. When he busted out the  NP Set All That Glitters Duo in Rio De Janeiro ($10), I SCREAMED. Here's the short play in one act:

Napoleon: It's glitter gel! It's really light, you wear it with nothing else on the eyelid and apply a little to the outer corners in an upward direction for lift. Do you want to try it?

NP Set All That Glitters Gel Duo in Rio De Janeiro

And so he applied it and I am HOOKED. Remember in high school when you'd wear a star sticker outside the corner of your eyes before a game (I only played soccer; it was the one sport I wasn't TOTALLY abominable at, although I'm sure the fact that I was on JV all four years indicates otherwise) for solidarity or whatever and the effect was somehow incredibly alluring? Even though you were just sticking a STICKER ON YOUR FACE? It's like that. By itself on the lid paired with a bolder lip, it's subtle, fabulous and flattering. And applying the bronze to the lid and some gold in the outer corner in an upward motion gives you all the sloe-eyed godliness of a Disney heroine.

Ariel is my fave.

NP Set boasts a bevy of new palettes for summer, as well. You'll want to toss these two into your purse for all glam emergencies.
NP Set Glam Set

NP Set Red Carpet Set

Both include tones for lips, eyes and cheeks in an easily portable, slim rectangular case. At $24 each, can you afford not to have this on your person the entire summer? I think not.

THEN, we discussed his Napoleon Perdis line's new Nude Bar collection, which is genius. Here, my faves of the bunch.
Napoleon Perdis Off Duty Tinted Moisturizer ($42)
With its double-helix technology, this tinted moisturizer is NOT simply a lighter foundation which hydrates. It yields a sheer, iridescence, thanks to its serum-y consistency and yet provides subtle coverage. It delivers a diaphanous glow, which is always the goal.

Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil in Caramel Kiss
A smokier eye and a lighter lip for summer is always fresh and sultry. But for me, finding the right nude that won't make me look like I'm dead isn't easy. I'm melanin-challenged and have fair hair, so I use my lips as the sole place of pigment on my face most of the time. Many nudes wash me out, but not Napoleon's luxe gloss in Caramel, my perfect nude shade that makes me feel more Kim K than Helen S of Death Becomes Her. Other new shades include: Cocoa (rich brown), Cafe Au Lait, (coffee) and Pretty in Peach (peach nude).

Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick ($24)
Named for various Greek goddesses (Iris, Gamelia and Demeter, featured above) these neutral lipsticks are as conditioning as they are pigmented. As Napoleon says, they're "Worthy of worship."

Napoleon Perdis Double Agent Nude Lip Palette ($28)
I've long been a fan of the rouge iteration and this one's fabulous, as well. Housing a cream lipstick and a color-matched mattifying powder, this one's great for creating a major nude mouth moment that lasts all day. You can also use the powder as a blush in a pinch. 

NP Set products are available at; Napoleon Perdis at Which will you cave on?

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Embarking On The 2012 Eucerin Healthy Skin Challenge

Guys, as my skin was a veritable night terror for ALL of 2011 and while there's been improvement this year, I'm really excited to whip it into its best shape. So I'm thrilled to be partnering with Eucerin on the brand's 2012 Healthy Skin Challenge!

Throughout the year, I’ll be meeting with dermatologists from the Eucerin Skin First Council to develop my own personal skincare regimen, all while tracking and sharing my progress with you, of course. Stay tuned for updates on my progress, giveaways, videos and more.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Eucerin, but all opinions herein are my own.

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