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Is this how to start a new chapter in your love life?

From The Independent:

BookdatesYou are sitting on a train, and across the aisle someone is reading one of your favourite books. This person (clearly of taste) happens to be a tall, handsome man. As you stare he looks up, catches your eye and smiles – he asks for your number... Browsing in a bookshop...

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New type of extra-chromosomal DNA discovered

From PhysOrg:

DnaA team of scientists from the University of Virginia and University of North Carolina in the US have discovered a previously unidentified type of small circular DNA molecule occurring outside the chromosomes in mouse and human cells. The circular DNA is 200-400 base pairs in...

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Damien Hirst at the Gagosian

Jacob Mikanowski in The Point:

Hirstspot-690x406In its material expenditure and visual profligacy, Hirst’s work is a return to the Baroque. Looking at a survey of Hirst’s work is like strolling through collections of the Schloss Ambras, the castle in Innsbruck where the Habsburgs stored all their weird...

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Scientists Claim Brain Memory Code Cracked

From Science Daily:

ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 11 21.09Despite a century of research, memory encoding in the brain has remained mysterious. Neuronal synaptic connection strengths are involved, but synaptic components are short-lived while memories last lifetimes. This suggests synaptic information is encoded and hard-wired at a...

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Back to His Roots

Religion-in-Human-Evolution-197x300Matteo Bortolini on Robert N. Bellah's Religion in Human Evolution, over at The Immanent Frame [h/t: Jonathan VanAntwerpen]:

As the readers of Religion in Human Evolution know, for example, the book unexpectedly starts…from the start, that is, from the Big Bang and the origin of the universe....

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Female Trouble

Image.phpElizabeth Gumport in n+1:

Where Art Belongs, the title of Chris Kraus’s latest collection of essays, sounds corrective. As if, instead of in its proper place, art is elsewhere. It has been mislaid, like a cell phone. Or perhaps, like a vase, not so much lost as thoughtlessly positioned. Where...

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On the genre of “Raising Awareness about Someone Else’s Suffering"

9780307377999Aaron Bady in The New Inquiry [h/t: Meghant Sudan]:

4. Elliot Prasse-Freeman’s case study, “Be Aware: Nick Kristof’s Anti-Politics.” Serious and vicious. Kristof isn’t the problem, but he’s a walking embodiment of it.

5. Mahmood Mamdani’s Saviors and Survivors, in which he argues that the...

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Sunday Poem

Money Shot Through the Crane Glass Floor

The windows of Urban Out
fiters were smashed

after Hova’s song  about New York came on
the skateboard drive PA.

Nobody looted a thing.
(A few months later
hella goodbye Oakland Foot Locker.)

The crowd’s...

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the films of stefany anne golberg: wonderful world opening credits

the films of stefany anne golberg: poland

the films of stefany anne golberg: carnival in antwerp

the films of stefany anne golberg: las vegas

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