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Ruth Barcan Marcus, 1921-2012: The NYT Obituary

MARCUS-cnd-articleInlineMargalit Fox in the NYT:

Ruth Barcan Marcus, a philosopher esteemed for her advances in logic, a traditionally male-dominated subset of a traditionally male-dominated field, died on Feb. 19 at her home in New Haven. She was 90.

Her death was announced by Yale University, from which she...

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The Faithful Hussar Scene from Kubrick's Paths of Glory


We Unhappy Few: Alexander Cockburn Reflects on SDS 50 Years After the Port Huron Statement

800px-Alexander_cockburn_2Alexander Cockburn in Le Monde Diplomatique (image from Wikipedia Commons):

The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held their first convention in the summer of 1962, in Port Huron in the American mid-West, an hour’s drive north of Detroit. They were the cutting edge of radical organising...

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Raising Darwin’s Consciousness: An Interview with Sarah Blaffer Hrdy on Mother Nature

Sarah-Blaffer-Hrdy2Eric Michael Johnson interviews Hrdy over at the Scientific American blog Primate Diaries (image "Sarah Blaffer Hrdy" by Nathaniel Gold):

Eric Michael Johnson: Why do you think it’s important to look at mothers and infants from an evolutionary perspective?

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy: If we really...

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Recognition Overdue for Bayard Rustin

Bayard_rustin_31512_300jrwEdmund Newton in The Root:

Bayard Rustin, if he were still alive, would turn 100 years old on March 17. Among Martin Luther King Jr.'s inner circle during the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the run-up to the March on Washington, Rustin rarely stepped into the spotlight and labored mostly behind the...

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No Kony Is an Island: Death and Profit in Central Africa

Essays_invisiblekids_nariward1-383x378Elliott Prasse-Freeman in The New Inquiry:

Now that the progressing phases of #Kony2012 (endorsement, backlash, Despite a vast number of takedowns, the video’s sheer arrogance tempts one to spend at least a couple grafs deconstructing it (I mean, note how IC’s Jason Russell uses his...

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What We Learn We Teach Ourselves: Jean-Luc Godard’s Film Socialisme

ImageDonald Reid in n+1:

Jean-Luc Godard skipped the press conference for his Film Socialisme when it screened at the Cannes film festival in 2010. However, not long afterwards, he held an almost two-hour long question-and-answer session with an audience that had just seen the film. A viewer asked...

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Is There More to Obesity Than Too Much Food?

From Smithsonian:

Obesity-photoObesity, it would seem, is one big “My bad,” a painfully visible failure in personal responsibility. If you regularly chow down a pizza and a pint of ice cream for dinner, and your idea of a vigorous workout is twisting off caps on two-liter bottles of Coke, well,...

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Friday Poem

Robert Harington 1558

Get you, with your almain rivetts (latest
fad from Germany), and your corselet,
and your two coats of plate! How much harness

does a man need? None, when he’s in his grave.
Your sons may have it, together with your
damask and satin gowns to show off in; ...

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Who Is Peter Pan?

A few writers have the kind of power that believers attribute to gods: they create men and women and children who seem to us to be real. But unlike gods, these writers do not control the lives of their most famous creations. As times passes, their tales are told and retold. Writers and...

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