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A Response to Justin Clarke-Doane’s “Morality and Mathematics: The Evolutionary Challenge”

CoverMatthew Braddock, Andreas Mogensen, and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong over at Pea Soup:

In “Morality and Mathematics: The Evolutionary Challenge” (Ethics 2012), Justin Clarke-Doane raises fascinating and important issues about evolutionary debunking arguments. He argues that insofar as our...

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Towards a New Manifesto

Towards-a-New-ManMartin Jay reviews Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer's Towards a New Manifesto, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews:

Gretel Adorno was a remarkable woman about whom far too little is known.[1] Although the recent publication of her correspondence with Walter Benjamin has confirmed the...

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Robert Wright and Alain de Botton on Religion and Religion for Atheists

Atheists As “Other”: Moral Boundaries and Cultural Membership in American Society

Ephesians_2,12_-_Greek_atheosPenny Edgell, Joseph Gerteis, and Douglas Hartmann in American Sociological Review:

[T]he atheist emerges as a culturally powerful “other” in part because the category is multivalent (Turner 1974), loaded with multiple meanings. For all these respondents, atheists represent a general lack...

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The Mighty Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of

27ANGI-articleInlineNatalie Angier in the NYT:

Albert Einstein called her the most “significant” and “creative” female mathematician of all time, and others of her contemporaries were inclined to drop the modification by sex. She invented a theorem that united with magisterial concision two conceptual...

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Adrienne Rich dies at 82

From The Guardian:

American-Poet-008The award-winning poet and essayist Adrienne Rich, who was one of America's most powerful writers, has died aged 82. Her daughter-in-law Diana Horowitz said Rich died at home in Santa Cruz, California, following complications from the rheumatoid arthritis from which she had...

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How War Came Home to Stay

Janet Maslin in The New York Times:

BOOK-JP-popupA squabble is a noisy quarrel over a trivial matter. A polemic is an aggressive attack on the opinions and principles of others. A screaming match is a contest in which contradictory points are stubbornly reiterated, with no regard for whatever else has been...

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Should Chimpanzees Have Moral Standing? An Interview with Frans de Waal

Liza Gross in PLoS Blogs:

Gross: What are some of the seminal experiments that revealed similarities in cognitive or behavioral traits between apes and humans, suggesting we’re not in fact unique, as many like to think?

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 30 14.00De Waal: There are many. For example, tool use used to be...

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Friday Poem

"Here where there was law there is now
extrajudicial rendition and other conveniences."

What Kind of Times Are These

 There's a place between two stands of trees where the grass grows uphill
and the old revolutionary road breaks off into shadows
near a meeting-house abandoned by...

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