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Debate the Usefulness of Election Models

Fivethirtyeight-0326-models1996-blog480There a debate on the issuse over at the NYT's FiveThirtyEight. First, Nate Silver:

...Lynn Vavreck’s excellent 2009 book, “The Message Matters,” for instance, made the following claim:

The economy is so powerful in determining the results of U.S. presidential elections that...

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Arguing Science as Faith

Stanley fish professor bloggerFirst, Stanley Fish over at the NYT's Opionator:

... [Chris] Hayes...posed the following question [to Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker]: If you hold to the general skepticism that informs scientific inquiry — that is, if you refuse either to anoint a viewpoint in advance because it is widely...

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The Control Revolution And Its Discontents

Uncanny-Valley-Sweet-SpotAshwin Parameswaran over at Macroeconomic Resilience:

One of the key narratives on this blog is how the Great Moderation and the neo-liberal era has signified the death of truly disruptive innovation in much of the economy. When macroeconomic policy stabilises the macroeconomic system, every...

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A Smithsonian Q & A with E. O. Wilson

E.-O.-WilsonFrom Carl Zimmer's interview with E.O. Wilson, over at the Loom:

Q: Just to take one example that the critics raised, they talked about how inclusive fitness theory makes a prediction about sex allocation, about the investment in different sexes in the offspring. And they say this is something...

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Saturday Poem


27 Years


& don't
know how
to not be

in love
my one

on  blue
lips of winter

a whisper
of smoke


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How to become the engineers of our own evolution

From Smithsonian:

Futurism-You-Robot-631The reports regularly come in from around the world: U.S. engineers unveil a prototype bionic eye, Swedish surgeons replace a man’s cancerous trachea with a body part grown in a lab, and a British woman augments her sense of touch by implanting self-made magnetic sensors in...

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Gene behind van Gogh’s sunflowers pinpointed

From Nature:

VanGogh_compA team of plant biologists has identified the gene responsible for the ‘double-flower’ mutation immortalized by Vincent van Gogh in his iconic Sunflowers series. Van Gogh’s 1888 series includes one painting, now at the National Gallery in London, in which many of the flowers...

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