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Oil Bottle Kumantong Prediction for Singapore Pools 4D shoot to Malaysia Magnum 4D and Malaysia Sports Toto 4D, both 3rd Prize.

Is it a hint shoot inside Singapore Pools coming Saturday? Take Note!

Kumantong 4D Power, wants to Prayer for the Kumantongs.

Members who want to send Offering Money , can do so in any amount to my POSB Saving Bank.




All 4D Numbers given by Kumantongs(KMT) are valid for 3 consecutive draws. 4D Numbers given by KMT will hit DIRECT but usually come out Ibet/Ibox. How you buy depend on your own budget. When you miss hitting Direct or Ibet/Ibox on the Draw, You will see 90% time you only miss 1 Number in TOP 3. KMT 4D Numbers upon hitting Starter or Consolation is just an appetizer, the same set may come out on TOP 3 Prize within the 3 consecutive Draws.
KMT 4D Numbers will not rest within 3 consecutive draws if doesn't hit  any TOP 3 Prize yet. Stop buying the Previous set of 4D Numbers after 3 consecutive draws if they haven't hit any Prizes.  KMT 4D Numbers confirm will hit in very short period of time, you just need patience.
You can buy the Kumantong Numbers as what they are given or use them as personal reference.
When you have striked Direct or win a lot of MONEY from Kumantong Numbers or they have benefited you, sending me "Duit Kopi",  or Token of Appreciation or Kumantong Offerings will keep my energy going and make Kumantongs very happy and also to keep this SUPER DUPER 4D LOBANG alive.

You can send and share the 4D Numbers given by Kumantongs to your Love ones and Family Members, but make sure to inform the receiving parties where the 4D Numbers come from. They just need to know what to do when they strike BIG PRIZE. Do not act as a 4D MASTER and sell Kumantong 4D Numbers. Karma and Retribution is REAL. 
Super Duper Solid 4D Numbers brought to you by:
Sylvester aka Super Kumantong
Email: super.kumantong@gmail.com
Want to send me "Kopi Money"?
  1. Singaporeans can do a Bank Transfer to my POSB SAVING BANK: 118-09409-3
  2. Malaysians and Others can send me through PAYPAL using Credit Card or Debit Card, or alternatively can send me Bank Draft or Dollar Notes to my Home Address. I will email you My Mailing Address upon request.
  3. To send KOPI MONEY through PAYPAL now, CLICK HERE OR Below:



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