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Newbies - Oregon Boy!

Hey! New to JUB. Any guys living in Oregon on the site?

Sean Carrigan -- my latest crush!

OMG you guys...........

I have found our latest sexy stud!! :)

His name is Sean Carrigan, and he is an actor & stand-up comedian!! He has been in commercials too.

I just saw him on CW's "Hart of Dixie" and I have attached his photos including a couple screenshots from this weeks "Dixie" episode. (He is blue in the last pic because he got spray painted blue as a prank)

Enjoy! :)

Here is Sean's at&t commercial --

Here is Sean at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA --

Here is Sean working out at the boxing gym --

Isn't Sean Carrigan a total stud !?!

*|* (!) :D

His IMDB page -- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1295887/

His Twitter -- http://twitter.com/#!/seancarrigan

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COLTON HAYNES nude, is this pic of him real?

So i was on tumblr, and i saw this.
He's bent over, and so i thought....um i think this pretty much proves he's gay. He complains about the XY pics being porn, if anything, they're just provocative. Him trying to cover up his past is really annoying. :D

On-Topic Discussion - Danny Lopes new pics

Has anyone seen the new pics of Danny Lopes that have emerged recently? He was the playgirl centrefold back in 2006 and new images from that photo shoot have been posted on the net.

Fetish - Dom guys to fart on sub fem

Hey guys love having a dom guy fart on my face. Wrestle me down and just squat on my face and rip some hot farts. If you're interested reply! Must be dom and muscular/beefy. And got lots of farts to rip on a young face

Favorite Animation Studios

In your opinion, which Animation Studios makes the best 3D films? Not in terms of the recent "OMG, cool glasses, it's coming at me, aaaaah!" 3D, but 3D-style animation.

Here are the films each studio company has made:

-Toy Story films
-A Bug's Life
-Monsters, Inc.
-Finding Nemo
-The Incredibles

-Chicken Run
-Shrek films
-Shark Tale
-Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
-Over the Hedge
-Flushed Away
-Bee Movie
-Kung Fu Panda films
-Monsters vs. Aliens
-How to train your Dragon
-Puss in Boots

-Open Season
-Surf's Up
-Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
-The Smurfs
-Arhur Christmas

Blue Sky
-Ice Age films
-Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who

Sure they are geared more towards kids, but some have darker plots too complex for children to understand.

For the reason stated above, my favorite studios is Pixar. They tend find a very creative way to tell original stories. Most of the critics agree as it's pretty much the best film studio, let alone animation. The only exception would maybe be Cars. And Cars 2, holly crap what a disappointment. First film to not be certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes..

My least favorite is Dreamworks, though I LOVED How to Train Your Dragon. Kind of jealous Pixar didn't think of it first. XP

Matthew Mcconaughey Threesome

Does anybody know where I can see the deleted threesome scene with Matthew McConaughey from the movie "Two For The Money"? I've looked everywhere and can't find it! I did a search here on JUB and didn't see anything... Thanks in advance!

If you're really, really bored and you REALLY like George Takei

Some people have way too much time on their hands.


The Girl's "Gay Best Friend"

I spent my afternoon with my best friend Erika and her girlfriend, which was very fun, but many times i felt not as masculine. My friends younger sister was having me help pick her cloths, her little brother was asking if i liked Justin Beiber, and i felt like i was looked at as more as a "girlfriend" then a guy. Im 18 goin on 19 and im white, blond hair, blue eyes, very smooth and slim, i barely have hair on my legs and arms and i DONT shave them even though most girls think i do. Anyways, am i the only guy to ever feel like im treated like a girl just because im not straight?(im bi)

btw im new here, but id love to hear from you guys!


How Twilight Works.

Broken down for those who wont dare to read the book but always wondered the lure.


Black Friday + Walmart + Greedy Woman + Pepper Spray

How very, very sad. Not only did this... 'bitch'... pepper spray other shoppers, she caused a stampede of shoppers trying to get away from her.

Very sad indeed.

That is the gist of the story, but, if you want to see the short news report, here's the link.


Anal sex - Question about LUBE?

Me and my boyfriend (*8*) have decided to add spice to our relationship. He has ask me if we can go anal, and I said yes. But, for my surprise that hurt like HELL!!!! :eek: Sice I have never exprienced it. Everytime we have sex we use condoms and before we started having sex we decided to get tested for all the STD's.

But, I've notice that my ass is very thight. We went to a sex store near his house and bought a bottle of lube water-based, but it has the warming effect and I don't like the burning that causes in my ass. He suggested that we buy a lube with relaxing effect, but I once read that benzocaine lubes [-X can harm you and all that stuff. Soooo... the girl at the store told me that we can use Pjur* lube with jojoba extract. I did a little research about that ingredient and didn't find a lot of information.

Sooo... my question is: A silicone lube with jojoba extract is helpful when having anal sex??? ..|

Thanks in advance ;-)

P.D. I am well aware that pain is a natural thing and all that stuff, I'm just asking this because I wanna know if it will work when we have sex.

Grindr hookup story

So there was this arabic guy who worked at my school. Nothing special, in fact I didn't particularly like him, as he was a bit flamboyant in a wrong way for me.

Well, few years later, he contacts me on Grindr and reminds me of who he is, and we talk and he asks me if I'd play with him. Grindr is an iPhone hookup app.

I think about it and say why not. For me there was some interest as he was from my school and ok enough, so I said yes.

He comes over, sucks me off and he was pretty good, I must say. He wanted to make out, and I did, even though I wasn't too keen on that. He didn't want me to do anything for him. He leaves.

Then, he completely stops any kind of contact with me. He did not return my texts on Grindr. Then I jokingly said "wanna hook up with me and then never talk to me again?". That apparently did something and he blocked me on Grindr.

Well, time passed, I see that he is no longer blocking me. But I'm not going to ever text him again.

I'd like to know more details, but I guess it doesn't matter. Still, a "hey I am no longer interested, thanx" type of message will go a long way with me, instead of not talking at all. Or "you know I just didn't like the experience" will do better. Or "I only hookup once, it's my rule". Or "I've realized you're nastier in person than I thought" or whaver, just something. Well, anyway. I like communication. I like exhausting the subject of conversation, finding out little details till I am satisfied. In this case there was no such satisfaction.

I guess his behavior is also surprising to me in that he was the one who initiated our contact, and then "died off".

Putting Ice in your Ass

Put a big cube of ice in your ass, let it melt, and shit it out! It's pretty fun :]

Have anything new this Thanksgiving?

My Mother made Double Layer Pumpkin Pie.

And it was absolutely delicious.

Any Gundam fans out there?

I'm currently watching Gundam 00 it's awesome!
Whats everyones favorite Gundam series?

Best gay marriage video

Made me tear up a little bit


5 Undefeated Eating Challenges


Besides it being a waste of food and money, would any of you try any of these challenges?

I want to try the "The Full-o-Bull Challenge". :eek:

What would you like to do with a straight guy?

Let's see..I have always been straight...have a seven inch cock that is always hard..a nice set of low hanging balls and a nice ass...I have very firm, round tight butt cheeks...a real bubble butt..
Love to be naked on all fours and all kinds of ass play...love to get rimmed and sucked for hours...spankings are hot.. tea bagging sounds like fun
Just curious to know what gay men would enjoy doing with a very willing straight guy

30 Years From Here documentary

New HIV/AIDS documentary airing tonight. Here's a link to the preview.

The documentary looks at how this nondiscriminatory disease has affected many lives over many years. Hear personal accounts from people who were there in the beginning and have seen both the sorrow over lives lost and the hope generated by advances in medical research.

Video - Fabulous new Michele Bachmann video

She makes for so much entertainment! Great video based on her actual statements.

Here's the video link.

Things You Thought Would Taste Good That Didn't

I was having a drink last night and it got me thinking about things that I thought would taste good, but didn't.

I had some chocolate raspberry vodka, which seemed like it should taste great since I like both flavors, but ended up tasting mediocre.

I also thought Campari would taste could, but I ended up not liking it, even though it looks beautiful and they have some cool posters.

Are there products out there that you thought would be good, but weren't as good as you thought they'd be?

20 year old in college :)

Hello, just putting up a couple of pics.

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"Te me gustas"-sins on M2M cruising spots

"Te me gustas"= you please me

I use Spanish words as the Spanish seem to be the absolute champs at it. My question is what such signs (not sins) have you seen being used on M2M cruising spots? I have a huge fetish for cruising guys and for all those signs

I have seen a few

- guys touching/stroking crotch

- guys throwing kisses

- guys waiting pants down, ass or cock fiecely presented

- guys putting a finger in mouth

- guys wetting their lips with their tongue

- guys simply presenting their ass

- guys clearly in the process of fierce sphincter contractions (once on a bus - successful conclusion)

- guys showing a VCL (visible cock line) in public (not normal cruising) places

- guys letting hang cock or cock and balls out of fly and waiting

- guys fiercely showing cervice depth

- guys goggling you unreserved

- guys simply standing there wanking

- guys clearly sporting a hard on

- guys doing so-called unfamiliar things (hugging a tree, pants up or down)

- guys.................

Which ones have you observed?

Do you think M2M cruising is holy?

As I talk about the Spanish, a link to good old Jalif Studio


19 years old

First time posting..

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Almost Naked Fitness tip of the week

Love Andrew Christian's "Almost Naked Blog"

New video posted with sexy, half naked guys "working out" together.

Click here for the video.

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Crackdown on OWS federally coordinated

Is anyone really surprised at this point?


Justin Long's Bulge on "New Girl"

Just noticed this from the Thanksgiving episode.

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Ahhh Black Friday

For those who don't know. Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving every year when retailers mark their goods down to unbelievably low prices. People usually eat thanksgiving dinner than go to the store of their choice and camp out all night to get what they want for the cheapest price. A few people have literally been trampled to death on Black Friday.

And here is a Wal Mart riot over $2 Waffle Iron.
I love capitalism.

Question .

Does anyone know any hot BI videos with lots of rimming ? :confused:

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