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Will the Keurig Vue Single Cup Brewing System fit a Travel Mug?


Why yes - in fact the Vue Brewer will fit a travel mug. The drip tray can be pulled forward to make room for a large sized travel mug in the Keurig Vue Brewer. You can also brew full strength in a travel mug with Vue packs specially formulated to brew a bigger cup with the strength you would want in a large travel mug.


From a 4 oz. cup to an 18 oz. travel mug, Vue offers a wider range of sizes and more ways to customize your perfect cup. You can brew up to an 18 oz cup of coffee in your travel mug, and there's 12, 14, and 16 oz settings as well.

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How are Keurig VUE Packs AKA V-Cups Different than K-Cups?


The Keurig Vue Brewer works only with the patented Vue packs or V-Cups. Each portion pack contains exactly the right amount of coffee, tea or other beverage. Also the Vue packs can only be used with Vue Brewers. They are not interchangeable with K-Cup Brewers and K-Cup packs.

We expected this to be the case when Keurig announced the new VUE Brewer, and to solve all the problems of different beverages, recycled K-Cups, and brew strength a new brew system was invented. One of the big innovations we're most excited to try is the latte or cappuccino drinks that come with a coffee and a milk portion vue pack.

You'll need the Keurig Vue Brewer to use Vue portion packs/V-Cups.

Why are Vue Packs Unique?

Some people may wonder why K-Cup packs and Vue packs are not interchangeable. The goal of every Vue pack was to offer the consumer the ultimate brewing experience. To do so, an entirely new system had to be created.

Really the system allows for strength of brew, airflow, and a VUE portion pack that can be recycled.
  • Consumers told Keurig they wanted to brew stronger, bigger, hotter than ever before.
  • To create such a system, the Keurig engineers invented a patented system to provide every consumer the ultimate in customization at the touch of a button.
  • Custom Brew Vue Technology adjusts water pressure, timing and airflow so every brew is perfect - from coffees to teas to hot cocoa.
  • The Keurig Vue Brewer even helps you create frothy café beverages with air-infusion.
  • VUE Portion Packs or V-Cups are able to be recycled. Just brew, cool, peel and recycle wherever #5 plastics are accepted.
    (#5 plastics may not be recyclable today in your community, so please check locally.)

The recyclability is enormous. We're really excited to see the majority of the Vue portion pack can be recycled, and our town here in Massachusetts accepts #5 plastics. Another exciting addition is the integration visually of the iconic brew size on the portion pack, and the coordination of this with the LCD display.

More at Keurig Vue Brewer and Vue packs

We're unsure of exact pricing for all of the new beverage options but we have seen mention of about $1.50 for one of the two pack based lattes or cappucinnos, so all of this new brewing technology is not going to be cheap. We've also gotten word that it looks like current retailers of K-Cups won't be selling VUE portion packs or V-Cups. We're not sure if that's true or some will and some won't. As we get more details on these items we'll let you know.

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Keurig VUE Brewer V700 and V-Cups Announced


Keurig has officially announced the new Keurig VUE Brewing System and V-Cups. The Vue system supports stronger bolder coffee, and the V-Cups are able to be recycled unlike the older K-Cup format. As of today there are over 33 V-Cups available for the VUE brewer which retails at $249. Also, the Keurig Vue can brew "frothy" drinks including Barista Prima Coffeehouse Café Mochas, Barista Prima Coffeehouse Sweetened Cappuccinos, and Barista Prima Coffeehouse Vanilla Lattes. It appears there will be both a milk V-Cup and a coffee V-Cup to make such milk based coffee drinks possible.

The Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System gives you total control to brew your way: stronger, bigger, hotter and with more choices than ever before. With an interactive Touchscreen and revolutionary new Custom Brew Technology Vue ensures every beverage is brewed to perfection, giving you perfect results - every cup, every time. And your choices are nearly limitless. In addition to coffee, tea, hot cocoa and iced beverages, Vue™ brews delicious café and specialty beverages as well. Includes a bonus variety of 10 Vue™ packs. This product is BPA free.


  • Fully programmable color Touchscreen
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Strength & Temperature control
  • Eight brew sizes - from 4oz. up to a full size 18oz. travel mug
  • Energy Savings Mode - Auto On/Off
  • Enjoy beverages hot or over ice
  • Brews frothy café beverages
  • Removable 74oz. water reservoir with easy fill, flip-top lid
  • Removable drip tray with adjustable plate
  • Cord storage

Here's a video of the VUE system in action:

There's been much speculation about the new format and as we get more details on the RFID technology, and other specifics of the VUE brewer and V-Cups we'll let you know.

The Keurig Vue V700 will be available in the coming weeks.

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CBTL Now at Target, Macy's and Dillard's with New Briosa Espresso Brewer


Over at there's news Coffee Bean, Tea and Leaf has rolled out their line of single serve coffee and espresso machines at Target, Macy's and Dillard's with the moniker - "One Touch. One Perfect Cup". We recently featured a review of the CBTL Americano and really liked it, so it's good news another single serve coffee maker of it's caliber is more widely available.

Impressions at Target in Massachusetts:

The CBTL Brewer and Capsule display had several coffees, teas and "mixers" in the line; I picked up some English Breakfast Tea, and a couple of versions of Espresso (Continental and Premium) that I liked when I reviewed the CBTL American Espresso Machine.


And Info on the Briosa Brewer:

Target had the CBTL Americano for $149; the same price as the CBTL website. The Launch also marks the introduction of the new CBTL Briosa; a value priced machine at $119. See below. The Briosa claims to use high pressure, and looks to have the cup controls down the side, while no doubt keeping the same lever action single serve cartridge loading and ejection capabilities.

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Keurig VUE Brewer V700 [Was B80V] and V-Cups Rumor Round-Up

Is this the Keurig Vue Brewer? We're not sure but you may like this web comic from Scott Kurtz called The Trenches.

We've been getting lots of reader send ins of information regarding the rumored Keurig Vue and new V-Cup format for the new VUE brewer. Over at New Keurig "Vue" brewer [B80V] in the Single Serve Coffee there's much discussion regarding the VUE brewer, and whether or not it's going to use an RFID reader for anything, and what this new keurig VUE brewer and V-Cup format could be.

Here's what we know so far, and all of this is just wild speculation until tomorrow February 15th when Keurig may or may not reveal the VUE brewer and V-Cup format at their event in New York.

Here's the rumor run down of the Keurig VUE Brewer and the V-Cup portion packs:

  • The patent on K-Cups is expiring later in the year, and it makes sense for Keurig to take it's coffee roasters to a new better platform that allows for stronger brew preferences and different coffee drinks that is patented.
  • The V-Cup lids may peel off so that the plastic cup can be recycled. The lid may takes the filter out with it.
  • The coffee flavors may be pretty similar to the traditional K-Cup version.
  • There may be new flavors that are like what the Tassimo brewer produces - it can froth milk and produce iced drinks.
  • The symbol on the edge of the V-Cup that looks like a little coffee cup is actually the designation that tells you which of the three modes to use on the brewer.
  • There are roughly 20 flavors that will be released with the machine.
  • There will be no accessories for the new machine for about a year.
  • Starbucks flavors will be out in about 6 months.
  • The brewer will be $249 and the V-Cups are allegedly going to be about the same price and quantity per pack.
  • The V-Cups do not use RFID tags, at least it isn't mentioned in the manual.
  • And the biggest one - K-cups are not compatible with the new machine
  • There is a function for "strong" that slows the brew for any of the three menus as well. It use w a piston-type system that can vary the brew speed. No bars of pressure.

We'll let you know more as we find it out tomorrow from the Keurig event in New York what Keurig is really announcing.

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Cure Your Case of the Mondays with This Coffee Mug


This coffee mug is designed to help you tackle the most difficult day of the week - Monday. Just pour in hot water and the sulky face on the front is quickly replaced by a bright-eyed smiley one. To get the entire cure, you may have to keep this mug filled all day long to ensure a happy Monday. You'll also have to hand wash this mug after Monday's day long use, as this mug is not dishwasher safe.

At Monday Mug

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