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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - Holy Strength Kain Highwind Papercraft

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Holy Strength Kain Highwind Papercraft

Kain in his EX Mode (Holy Strength) form, it's a white and blue draconic armor without the helmet and with a matching lance.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - Holy Strength Kain Highwind Papercraft [Download]

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SDCC Non-Exclusive Chuck Paper Toy

SDCC Non Exclusive Chuck Paper Toy

Matt Hawkins and Brian Fyffe team up to create this cool paper toy custom (using Brian's Zombie Chuck character) for those poor souls ^^ not attending San Diego Comic Con this year.

SDCC Non-Exclusive Chuck Paper Toy [Download]

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Japanese Rhino Beetle Papercraft (Kabutomushi)

Japanese Rhino Beetle Papercraft Kabutomushi

Japanese Rhino Beetle (aka kabutomushi) from Kizuna Avenue, this beetle is a very popular pet in Japan that it has become widely available in department stores and can even be purchased through vending machines.

Japanese Rhino Beetle Papercraft (Kabutomushi) [Download]

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Aston Martin AMR1 Papercraft

Aston Martin AMR1 Papercraft

We've got an abundance in car models today, here's one more from oniya - the Aston Martin AMR1 Group C (motorsport) formula racing car.

Aston Martin AMR1 Papercraft [Download]

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American Cars Papercraft Bonanza

American Cars Papercraft Bonanza

Daytona-Mag (NEKO PUBLISHING Japan) re-releases their magazine exclusive American car paper models (w/ vans, trucks, and classic cars as well) in their online site.

They've got: Corvette, Thunderbird, Viper GTS, Camaro, and Shelby GT350 just to name a few.

American Cars Papercraft Bonanza [Download]

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Land Rover Defender Papercraft

Land Rover Defender Papercraft

The Land Rover Defender (aka Land Rover One Ten) is a popular four-wheel drive, off-road utility vehicle prominently used by the British Army and the British Royal Family.

Land Rover Defender Papercraft [Download]

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Sugar Skull Hex Paper Toy


Tribal art adorns the new Hex Skull custom by Sinner, it's for a Day of the Dead theme.

Sugar Skull Hex Paper Toy [Download]

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Red Dog Saloon Papercraft

Digimon - Jyarimon Papercraft

Digimon Jyarimon Papercraft

Jyarimon is a Fresh-level Slime Digimon that is the pre-digivolved form of Gigimon, it's a round ball of orange with bat wings, eyes, and a mouth.

Digimon - Jyarimon Papercraft [Download]
[via tektonten]

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FN SCAR Papercraft (Assault Rifle)

FN SCAR Papercraft

The FN Herstal Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (FN SCAR) used by the various Special Operations Commands of the US ARmy, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

FN SCAR Papercraft (Assault Rifle) [Download]

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