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  1. BurningAngel: Kleio Draven Rooftop Threesome
  2. BlueBlood: Eve China Girl
  3. GodsGirls: Kim Smitten Kitten
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BurningAngel: Kleio Draven Rooftop Threesome

In this BurningAngel update, Tommy Pistol, Kleio, and Draven are set to catch some rays on a rooftop. For their sunbathing fun, they have all sorts of kitsch plastic tiki props. Photographer Kelly Lind captures the sun and the rich colors of the plastic and Tommy, Kleio, and Draven’s ink for a nicely colorful shoot. There is something so mesmerizing about the vibe of this that it almost doesn’t feel like a sex shoot, but you know they get super hardcore.

BurningAngel: Kleio Draven Rooftop Threesome
Burning Angel writes:
It’s summertime and that means there is lots of opportunity for rooftop activities…most notably, having an anal threesome with your friends. Kleio, Draven and Tommy Pistol know what summer is really all about!
Starring: Kleio, Draven
Photographer: Kelly Lind
Categories: Sex

BurningAngel: Kleio Draven Rooftop Threesome

BlueBlood: Eve China Girl

Wow, I want to go furniture shopping with the GothicSluts of BlueBlood. Eve is a nice new addition to the Blue Blood sites, with her classic gothic makeup of batwing eyes and red red vampire lips. Her geisha outfit is cute in this update as well, but all that goldleaf ornate furniture is truly fit for a vampire’s castle. I know I want to roll around in there and Eve strips off that gray dress and is enthusiastic with a toy on that fabulous royal sofa.

BlueBlood: Eve China Girl
Blue Blood writes:
I’d like to introduce you all to the incredibly beautiful Eve. This set, shot by Andrea Ava, is her Blue Blood debut.
–Amelia G

BlueBlood: Eve China Girl

GodsGirls: Kim Smitten Kitten

Smitten Kitten is Kim‘s 4th set on GodsGirls. She has big blonde hair and big red lips and a sort of retro 80′s glam metal look. At first, I thought the kiss on her chest was lipstick, but it is actually a tattoo. Although Swedish is her first language, her ink is in English. Across the back of her Swedish thighs, it says Wild Heart. She posted a video tutorial in her blog to teach people how to curl their hair like hers, only it is in Swedish. Some GodsGirls members wanted to hear what she sounded like in her mother tongue, so it delivers that. I still want the hair tips though.

GodsGirls: Kim Smitten Kitten
GodsGirls writes:
Smitten Kitten

GodsGirls: Kim Smitten Kitten

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