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Learning About the Deceased with Smartphones in the Graveyard

QuiringMonuments Quiring Monuments, Inc. has introduced a new twist in cemetery memorials: a code affixed to gravestones that can be scanned with a smartphone to give more information about the deceased. Company President Dave Quiring said he’s been exploring interactive gravestone technologies for years, but prior attempts were too expensive and the technologies were too temperamental and limited. Now he thinks he has found the right combination.

Quiring has now developed its own way of incorporating a...

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PAWriter version 98

PAWriter Howard Metcalf has released a new version of his popular free genealogy program for Macintosh computers, called Personal Ancestry Writer II, often abbreviated as PAWriter. Here is the message I received from Howard:

Hi Dick,

Version 98 (universal binary) of Personal Ancestry Writer II, aka PAWriter, was released on Friday, 29 April 2011. It is available for download at:

A software license must be agreed to in order to mount the...

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Help Wanted at Youwho in Lehi, Utah

YouWho-logo Youwho was mentioned a few days ago as a new start-up company that is about to be launched. See my earlier article at for details. The company's web site lists a number of job openings and now the company is also listing help wanted ads on at

What caught my eye, however, is the description of the company at the bottom of the ad: "Youwho is a new kind of genealogy company where...

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