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  1. Taylor Swift in talks to play Joni Mitchell in new movie (how is this possible?)
  2. Emily Blunt arriving for the screening of ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ in New York City
  3. Bachelor and Bachelorette Sued For Alleged Racial Descrimination
  4. Justin Bieber Ring Shopping With Selena Gomez?
  5. Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Goes To Supreme Court
  6. Beyonce To Get Her GED?
  7. Rachel Zoe Has Best-Dressed Son!
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Taylor Swift in talks to play Joni Mitchell in new movie (how is this possible?)

Rumor has it Taylor Swift is eyeing the role of Joni Mitchell in a new Sony Pictures adaptation of Sheila Weller’s book “Girls Like Us”.

If Taylor lands the role, it would be the singer’s first lead role.

Pic examines the careers of singers Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King. Swift does not have an official offer, but has been linked to the Mitchell role for several months as other actresses have auditioned to play Simon and King, including Alison Pill (“Midnight in Paris”) for the latter singer.

“House” exec producer Katie Jacobs, who optioned the book several years ago, is directing from a script by John Sayles. Lorenzo di Bonaventura (“Transformers”) is set to produce the Sony pic, which has not yet been greenlit, though it is tentatively skedded to start production later this year when the three leads’ schedules allow for filming.

Swift, who’s currently featured on “The Hunger Games” soundtrack, made her feature acting debut in ensemble rom-com “Valentine’s Day,” and recently voiced a role in Universal’s “The Lorax.” Before that, she appeared as herself in the 2009 Miley Cyrus vehicle “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking this is terrible news. If Taylor gets this role, then all I’m going to see is Kristen Wiig playing Taylor on ‘SNL’ (video below). From what I’ve seen of Taylor’s acting chops (‘Valentine’s Day’) the girl can’t act worth beans. Unless she’s acting surprised…. she’s pretty good at that.


Emily Blunt arriving for the screening of ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ in New York City

She looks amazing!!!

Photos: Fame/Flynet

Bachelor and Bachelorette Sued For Alleged Racial Descrimination

Is The Bachelor racist?

Nathaniel Claybrooks, 39, and Christopher Johnson, 26, think so.  Both are African-American former college football players, and think so!  Claybrooks and Johnson answered an open casting call for The Bachelor in Nashville last August. According to People,  they were rushed through the audition process, while witnessing other (whiter!) applicants getting far more attention.

The lawsuit alleges that ABC “knowingly, intentionally and as a matter of corporate policy refused to cast people of color in the role of the Bachelor and Bachelorette.”

ABC responds by saying, “we have had various participants of color throughout the series’ history…as always, we continue to seek out participants of color for both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Hmmm….I’ve watched many seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and definitely noticed some whitewashing going on.  I’m all for this lawsuit diversifying the show- let’s see a Bachelor or Bachelorette of color!


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Justin Bieber Ring Shopping With Selena Gomez?

Are there wedding bells in the future for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber?

The two are extremely young (Gomez is 19 and Bieber is 18), but the two were spotted ring shopping in some very high-priced jewelery stores.  Sources close to them, according to The Chicago Sun Times, say that it isn’t out of the question that the media could be hearing news of an engagement in the future.  In fact, some friends of the couple are expecting it!

It sounds romantic, but also…like a gamble.  Celebrity marriages are often rocky, but a celebrity teenage marriage? It makes me nervous!


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Goes To Supreme Court

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, welcome back to 2004!

The Obama Administration is asking the Supreme Court to decide whether or not CBS should be fined $550,000 for controversial wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl halftime show of 2004.

Last year, the courts ruled in favor of CBS,  saying that the Federal Communications Commission as acting out of line (as they never fined anyone before this event for the odd nipple-slip). The Supreme Court has to now suss out if the FCC’s policies “violate the free speech rights of broadcasters airing profanity and sexual content, both in live and scripted form,” according to Perez Hilton.

Who ever thought that this event would bring on such a long and arduous legal battle?  The case won’t be reviewed until fall- but if it does go to court, that will be early next year.  Wow, 9 years of nipple! Kind of makes you nostalgic for the early 2000′s…


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Beyonce To Get Her GED?

Beyonce may want to get her learn on!

The new mom was seen stepping out of her limo in New York (laptop and binder in tow) and entering the W. 35th Street Alternative Education Complex, a place where adults go to study for and attain their GED, Perez Hilton reports.

Sounds like a solid decision on behalf of the entertainer.  As you may recall,  Beyonce dropped out of school at age fifteen to tour with Destiny’s Child.  Though her father made her continue her education, she never formally attained her high school diploma or passed the General Education Development test.  Sounds like the mother of Blue Ivy doesn’t want her daughter to have any excuses when it comes to getting an education!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Rachel Zoe Has Best-Dressed Son!

I think Rachel Zoe went a little overboard on the “Country Western” theme on her son, Skyler, but what do I know?

Mother, hubby Rodger Berman and son were schlepping luggage on Thursday afternoon as they hurried to catch a flight out of Los Angeles.  They were all dressed to the nines, of course!  X17 reports that Zoe always makes sure her one-year-old is always dressed impeccably, and we agree.

Of outfitting her son, Zoe says, “It’s so much more fun shopping for him. I buy him everything! Little linen pants, tank tops and shorts…Seersucker jackets and newsboy hats and Gucci…I can’t stop. It’s like a disease.”

A fashion disease!  Well, Rachel, you’ve made a life on being “sick” with the fashion bug, so I don’t think it’s a huge problem!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

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