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  1. Kings of Leon Musician Engaged
  2. Kim Zolciak Is Having A Boy
  3. Courney Love Looses Rights To Kurt Kobain’s Image
  4. Miley Cyrus Does NOT Want To Be Photographed
  5. Khloe Kardashian: NO Divorce!
  6. Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoe Saldana, Jane Fonda Talk Sex Positions!
  7. Ashlee Simpson “In Love” With Maxwell
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Kings of Leon Musician Engaged

On April 11th,  Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill got engaged to Martha Patterson!

Followill, 25, popped the question after only a few months of dating model Patterson.  And the ring?  According to,  it was a 4-carat cushion-cut diamond set on a diamond-covered band, which Followill designed himself.

The couple plan on splitting their time between Los Angeles and Nashville.  Sounds like a pretty good plan to me!


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Kim Zolciak Is Having A Boy

Kim Zolciak‘s baby won’t be tardy for the party!

Sorry, I had to.  You see, The Real Housewife of Atlanta and her NFL hubby, Kroy Biermann, just revealed the gender of newest addition: a boy!

The couple welcomed their first son in last July. Says Kim, “To decide we wanted to get pregnant again and have it happen so quickly was such a blessing.”

Ms. Zolciak had a pretty busy year: she got pregnant,  got married to a football star, and is pregnant again!  Sounds like this family’s moving at cutthroat speed to suburban bliss. For this Real Housewife, the drama never stops- it just changes…

Courney Love Looses Rights To Kurt Kobain’s Image

Courtney Love looses the rights to her late husband/music legend’s image…to her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain!

19-year-old Frances Bean has taken over control of profits garnered from her late father Kurt’s name, likeness and appearance. Legally, Love agreed to step down as acting manager of End of Music LLC, the corporation overseeing funds generated from Cobain’s publicity rights, when she received a $2.75 million loan from Frances’ trust fund in 2010. Until Love ponies up that money, she won’t get any profits made from Kurt Cobain’s publicity rights.

This will probably put even more strain on Love and Cobain, especially after Love falsely tweeted that Cobain and friend Dave Grohl were going home together.

Frances has been estranged from her mother since 2009, stating drug use, violence and the death of two pets as reasoning.  Says The Huffington Post,  Love’s role in the intellectual property has been rapidly diminishing.  Since losing custody of Frances, Love also lost having control and advising the funds in Frances’ trust fund.

What a mother figure!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Miley Cyrus Does NOT Want To Be Photographed

Miley Cyrus keeps making a big stink about not wanting to be photographed or followed by paparazzi anymore…

…and yet- she keeps going out in purple bras and midriff-bearing workout gear!

According to INF, Cyrus kept tweeting and saying in interviews how she didn’t want media attention.  And yet- she kept leaving the house in flashy, somewhat skin-bearing outfits.  Yesterday, Cyrus seemed like she was putting actions behind her words, shrouding herself in her jacket and hiding her face.

Do you think she wants all the attention to stop?

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Khloe Kardashian: NO Divorce!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom pulled the plug on Season 2 of their reality television show, to much surprise.

“We just wanted to prioritize a little,” Kardashian tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “We just wanted a little pause. Part of being married is knowing when your husband needs your support.”

The couple decided to put the show on hold until Odom’s basketball career is back on track.  The basketball star, 32, was never a fan of the reality hoopla, and Kardashian, 27, wanted to support her husband’s feelings.  Kardashian says that divorce isn’t in the picture, and she’s never considered that an option.

Of course, the two will still be seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians every once in a while.  Phew?

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoe Saldana, Jane Fonda Talk Sex Positions!

Demi Moore‘s a producer on a new show starring her friend and photographer: Amanda de Cadenet, and they’re not letting any celeb off the hook when it comes to sex!

Moore’s Lifetime series, “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet,” enlists Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoe Saldana, Sarah Silverman and Jane Fonda to talk about sexual positions!
Fonda, 74, says she isn’t as flexible sexually because of her knee implant: “While I am quite flexible and I can kneel, it’s not quite as comfortable for me as it used to be before I had a fake knee,” she said.
Paltrow at first protested, but then said: “I’m down with all of them.”
Sarah Silverman also digs a variety, as does Zoe Saldana.   “I like missionary. I like being on my knees, too, you know. I love being on top. Oh, I have more, honey,” she said.
The show airs on Lifetime and may, from these excerpts, prove juicy!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Ashlee Simpson “In Love” With Maxwell


Ashlee Simpson and her son, Bronx, adore the new addition to the Simpson family!

People reports that Ashlee, whose son is now three, is thrilled to be an aunt.

“Bronx and I are in love with Maxwell already! Jessica has wanted to be a mom since we were little girls and I couldn’t be more excited for her and Eric!”

Ashlee was already gifting little Maxwell before she was even born-  the younger Simpson sister bought Maxwell a tiny Fendi dress and matching garment bag in March.


Photo: Fame/Flynet

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