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  1. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Dine On A Mountaintop
  2. Kris Humphries Wants The Ring Back
  3. Michael Jackson Ordered Hit On Older Brother?
  4. Beyonce: I Definitely Want More Kids
  5. Miley Cyrus Movie Bombs
  6. Mila Kunis Saved A Man’s Life!
  7. Supermodel Anja Rubik tries to pull off Angelina Jolie’s infamous thigh move, fails.
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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Dine On A Mountaintop


Looks like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are getting serious!

On Friday night the couple and Reynolds’s mother went on a high-class dinner date, Vancouver Style.  The trio headed to Grouse Mountain, a popular tourist destination and ski slope.  They sat in the more casual Altitudes Bistro, which has incredible views from more than 4,000 feet above the Canadian city. Later, the group was joined by more Reynolds family members.

“It was a really nice family reunion,” a source at the restaurant tells People,”and they spent several hours catching up on the latest news and sharing lots of laughs with each other.”

Aw, adorable.

Photo: Fame/Flynet


On Friday night, the two, along with Reynolds’s mother, headed to Grouse Mountain, a popular tourist destination and ski slope that boasts incredible views from more than 4,000 feet above the city.

Kris Humphries Wants The Ring Back

Looks like Kris Humphries wants his 20 carat diamond engagement ring back! 

Humphries says that because of his 72-day marriage and that he felt “defrauded into marrying her” that she should return the ring and a Ferrari given to the couple as a gift.

A source says…

“Kris wants the ring back because the marriage only lasted 72 days and he believes it was based on fraud and deceit. Remember, Kim filed for divorce. Kris paid for that ring, and he just can’t fathom why Kim would want to keep it…

…Amongst other matters, he wants to know about the Ferrari that the couple got from a very wealthy Malaysian businessman that attended the wedding. Kris was at Kim’s house when the car was delivered — it was given to both of them, but Kim has kept sole ownership and has used it extensively. She will be asked about it, under oath, on the stand at the trial.”

Yikes- an engagement ring and a 325,000 Ferrari?  Let’s wrap this divorce up, people!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Michael Jackson Ordered Hit On Older Brother?

More strange news about the late- and extremely paranoid- Michael Jackson!

Jackson’s former bodyguard claims the singer ordered members of his inner circle to kill his older brother Randy Jackson when Randy tried to get into Michael’s estate. 

Ex-bodyguard Matt Fiddes claims, “Michael was caught in a war with his brothers for years, They were desperate to sign him up to a $500 million deal for a Jackson 5 reunion tour.”  When he tried to get through the doors at Jackson’s abode,  Michael ordered him to be shot!

Fiddes goes on to say that Randy was so scared, “he got on the phone and threatened to call the Press. He told the bodyguards, ‘If you shoot me the whole world will know about it.’” Thankfully, nobody shot.

Yikes!  This isn’t the first MJ accusation Fiddes- a mixed martial art expert that worked with Michael Jackson in the states and abroad- has made. He also said that Jackson hated Madonna and poked holes in a Voodoo doll of Steven Spielberg after he became a Nazi sympathizer.

Those are lofty statements! We know Michael Jackson was eccentric, but to what extent can we beleive Matt Fiddes?  Thoughts?


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Beyonce: I Definitely Want More Kids

While Beyonce may have have it all,  she certainly feels excited about her family’s new edition, daughter Blue Ivy.

Monday night,  Beyonce took a night off from mothering to traverse the red carpet at the exclusive Met Gala in NYC.  She told reporters that she feels confident that her mother,  Tina Knowles, and husband Jay-Z can handle the baby for an evening!

When asked about more children in her future, Beyonce is excited and sure that she wants more. When or how many she’s not as sure of!.  “I definitely want to have more,” she proclaims. “I don’t know how many. God knows I dont know yet.”

With those genes, we think y’all should. But maybe take one step at a time!


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Miley Cyrus Movie Bombs

Miley Cyrus‘ boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, is making good at the box office- Miley must be jealous!

Cyrus’ new movie “LOL,” made a total of only $46,500 this weekend, Movie City News estimates.The film, which was supposed to transition Cyrus into more “serious” acting roles,  didn’t make any impact at the box offices, and is being ignored by big studios such as Lionsgate.

To give you some perspective on how poorly the film did at the box office, 46,500 is just a few hundred dollars more than what “Marvel’s The Avengers” took in per theater, according to Yahoo movies. 

Yikes!  Back to Pilates?


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Mila Kunis Saved A Man’s Life!

Mila Kunis is a good boss!

Sources say that a a 50-year-old man who works in Mila’s house collapsed Saturday inside her Los Angeles home.  The man was seizing: choking, coughing up blood and vomiting.

After having bitten through his tongue,  Mila called 911 and turned the man on his side,  while another individual stuffed a wallet in his mouth so he wouldn’t choke further.  The paramedics quickly came, and Mila offered to ride in the ambulance. Though it wasn’t necessary, it was a nice gesture!

The man made a full recovery, thanks to his celebrity good Samaritan!


Photo: Fame/Flynet

Supermodel Anja Rubik tries to pull off Angelina Jolie’s infamous thigh move, fails.

Supermodel Anja Rubik showed a little way too much thigh at last night’s Met Gala. What might have been a little sexy on Angelina Jolie at the Oscars – was no where near sexy on Anja. That hip bone is just wrong.

Photos: INF

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