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"Larry Ferlazzo's Monthly Website Newsletter" - 1 new article

Larry Ferlazzo's Monthly Website Newsletter -- May, 2013

Aprils’s “The Best…” Lists — There Are Now 1,090 Of Them

Here’s my monthly round-up of new “The Best…” lists I posted this month (you can see all 1,090 of them categorized here):

The Best Pink Panther Fight Scenes For English Language Learners

The Best Overviews Of The Boston Terror Attack

A Beginning List Of The Best Geography Sites For Learning About Asia & The Middle East

The Best Of The Hashtag #SaidNoEducationVendorEver

The Best Evidence For Why Giving Schools “Report Cards” Is Bad — Help Me Find More

The Best Resources On The Memo Warning Rhee About Cheating (“It seems to me a responsible executive really ought to have looked further”)

Part Sixty-Six Of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly


April’s Best Posts From This Blog

I regularly highlight my picks for the most useful posts for each month — not including “The Best…” lists. I also use some of them in a more extensive monthly newsletter I send-out. You can see older Best Posts of the Month at Websites Of The Month (more recent lists can be found here).

Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference):

NEA Partners With Teach Plus & Creates Online Rating System For Student Assessments

Appealing To The Self-Interest Of Bullies

“Positive, Not Punitive, Classroom Management Tips”

Simple Writing Exercise Said To “Narrow Achievement Gap”

“Response: Ways To Try Using The CCSS With English Language Learners”

Need More Evidence About The Dangers Of Extrinsic Rewards? Here It Is From The Harvard Business Review

“Presenter” Is A New Free Site For Creating Infographics & More

The Value Of “Mimic Writing”

Search & Use One Million Images at Imgembed

Helping Students Make A Connection Between What They’re Learning In School To Their Goals In Life

Another Nice Review Of My New Book

“Ways To Observe Teachers Without Demoralizing Them”

Quote Of The Day: Giving Feedback

“The Politics Of Naming”

Impressive PBS News Hour Report On Project-Based Learning

“Ideas for English-Language Learners | Earth Day and the Environment”

Writing Prompts — Feel Free To Contribute Your Own!

The Advantages Of Helping Students Feel Powerful

Here’s A Goal-Tracking Sheet I’m Giving To Students

“Response: Best Homework Practices”

“Givers, Takers & Matchers” In The Classroom

“Five ways to get kids to want to read and write”

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