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Things You Might Have Missed

Did you know that we have one third of all the women prisoners in the world? USA! USA!

A while back I wrote about collections and how, if everyone actually showed up to court, the whole system would collapse. Well now someone is talking about it related to the criminal (in)justice system. We should do this.

Surely the government won’t abuse their claim to shut down any internet domain that they don’t like.  Nahhh. Never.

Can someone please explain to me why it is controversial to accept money from strippers to fund a little league team? The asshat who wrote that article thinks they are “inappropriate.” As opposed to what? Would they have accepted money from Goldman Sachs? From one of the banks that crashed the economy? From a politician? I would happily replace every banker, lobbyist, lawyer, and politician in this town with a stripper. They have the most honest job in DC.


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