it happened so fast

hi guys, how’s your night going?  it’s been beyond hectic around here for the past few days. the hours are flying by and morning turns to dusk before i know it.  i’m mostly tying up details before the sale and  trying to keep up with daily stuff. most of the stress is trying to shoot something decent in my downtime. i’m getting up tomorrow morning determined to catch something. and since i didn’t want to disappoint my ma,  i took what i could get away with and posting it tonight.

we’ll see what happens in the morning light.

the sale starts at 11am.

not to whine about missing the stuff but i really do love these casanova books. just holding them feels really good. the leather is so smooth and such a deep blue. histoire de ma vie, tomes ix and xii. quel vie he led!

well, just got a call to go thru it all one more time. again. it’s hard to believe it’s finally here.  so adieu for now, see you in the am for coffee~

here’s the link: it’s on countdown  ;p

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