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I'm off doing something holiday-ish

But where you should go is Lauren Scheuer's wonderful chicken blog, Scratch and Peck, to read this totally charming post about her chicken's feet.

I've written about Lauren before.  She's an illustrator, which is what makes her blog so wonderful, and she's a warm and funny person, as I learned when we finally met in person in Boston last year.

And I have been meaning to say this forever, and I wish I'd remembered before Christmas, but:  You can get some of her wonderful, whimsical chicken art in T-shirt form right here.  Good stuff.

Oh!  And!  You know where else you should go?

Over to Fine Gardening to check out Andrew Keys' latest podcast.  It's no longer called RadioGarden, it's now called Garden Confidential, but it's as clever and well-produced as ever. You'll get to hear the Fine Gardening staff sitting around being--well, being themselves. Pretty cool.


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