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  2. The 50-Mile Bouquet--We Have a Winner!
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Fiskars Wants To Give You Stuff, and Who Are We To Stop Them?

Do you remember last year when we reviewed some Fiskars tools and gave a few away?  Remember those PowerGear Loppers?   I wrote about them here, and Gen wrote about them at North Coast Gardening.  Now that I've had a pair for a year or so, I can tell you that they are quite sturdy and very useful--they're big enough to be able to whack back anything in my garden, but they're also surprisingly light and easy to carry around.  Good stuff.

Well, Fiskars just wants you to have more tools.  So they asked us if we'd give another pair away.  Uh--yeah!  Sure, why not?

Here's the video we did last year if you want to know exactly how these things work.  To win, just post a comment with any pruning-related tale, or any sob story about why you so desperately need to upgrade your pruning tools. 

Oh--and--Gen's giving away a pair, too, so head over there if you want a little more action.

The 50-Mile Bouquet--We Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment to win a copy of Debra Prinzing and David Perry's fine new book The 50-Mile Bouquet.  If you didn't win, you're in luck, because we have a guest post coming up from Debra Prinzing soon, and you'll have another chance to win.

Meanwhile, our winner from last week is Sara at With Love From Sara.

Please go check out her delightful art. I can't get enough of it.

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