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I just found a typo in my 1995 paper

Crap, this used to be one of my favorite papers. Land Economics 71(2):209:


In the second to last line, "assured" should be "assumed." I think, it has been a while.


Listen to me, listen to me*

I used to worry about those folks out west, what with their swimming pools and desert lawns and not enough low priced water. No longer, I think they'll be fine with new technology:

With climate change threatening to diminish water supplies in the fast-growing Southwest, more cities are considering the potential of reclaimed water. A new report from the National Academy of Sciences said that if coastal communities used advanced treatment procedures on the effluent that is now sent out to sea, it could increase the amount of municipal water available by as much as 27 percent.

San Diego’s success, 12 years after its City Council recoiled from the toilet-to-tap concept, offers a blueprint for other districts considering wastewater reuse.


OK, I usually try to poke a hole in it whenever anyone says they've found a win-win policy. But, this one seems to be the real deal. With a single wastewater treatment plant we can finally get around to more efficiently pricing water out west. Now I think the incentives are in place to ration scarce water with a high price on virgin supplies and a lower price on toilet water.

Get real, right? Sigh.

*Quote of the day from, your boy, Digger.


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