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Post Planner Facebook App – $5 off Coupon Code and more...

Post Planner Facebook App – $5 off Coupon Code

We recently shared about the Post Planner Facebook app that allows you to promote posts from your site during the times of day you wish to get the most exposure and traffic. It’s a wonderful and reliable tool for schedule posts, and even branding your updates.

The Post Planner team is working on some new features that will be released shortly.

My favorite aspect of the Post Planner app is the “light bulb”. We all have days when we feel completely uninspired and blank…and the light bulb is here to help. It will offer ideas for status updates on a wide range of topics and “depths”…from quotes to deep thinker questions.

They are offering a $5 off coupon code for the next 2 months…and their White Label edition is now only $14.95 per month.

If you want to take advantage of this introductory offer of just $9.95/month for the next 2 months, use the coupon code NEWPRICE at checkout.


How to Add Google AdSense After Your Posts

Are you wondering how to make more money with Google AdSense? Adding an ad to the bottom of your single posts is a great way to earn more money from your website. This location is the second best performing ad on my site!

Adding these ads is a relatively simple task. Here’s how:

1. Make a new ad in Google AdSense and copy the code to your clipboard.

2. Install the Thesis OpenHook or Genesis Simple Hooks plugin, if you’re using the Thesis or Genesis framework.

3. Open the hooks settings page. For Thesis users, this is under the Appearance menu. For Genesis users, look under the Genesis menu.

4. Scroll down and find the after post or after post content hook. Paste in the following code, making sure to paste in your own AdSense code:

***Paste AdSense Code Here***

5. Tick the “Execute PHP on this hook” box, and your code should look like the image below. Save your changes.

Load one of your single posts, and you should have a nice Google ad directly below the post content!

Do you have any other tips for earning more with Google AdSense?

Mitchell Wischmann is a Savvy Blogging contributing writer and author of My Frugal Tech and


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